Kari’s My AcuRite January Weather Recap

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By Kari Strenfel
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Kari’s My AcuRite January Weather Recap

Hi Guys, Kari Strenfel here, AcuRite Meteorologist.

I’m back with my January Monthly Weather Recap from My AcuRite!

Northern California started off cool last month with near-normal temperatures and some very chilly mornings. But we saw a warm-up by the end of the month with some pretty warm January temperatures. The warmest days were the 25th, when it reached 70 degrees, and the 31st, when it reached 72.9 degrees. According to the official climatological records at the nearest airport, this is over 10 degrees above normal, but not quite record-breaking.

The only major winter storm we saw in January was on the 16th when a system brought strong winds and heavy rainfall. My Atlas weather station reported 0.86 inches on that day, with winds up to 21 mph.

*Insider tip*
Wondering how to find this local climate data to compare your data with records and normals? Well, it’s all available, but a little hidden, from National Weather Service (NWS). Simply click on your area on the map at weather.gov; this will take you to the local NWS page. From there, click on “Local” under the Climate and Past Weather Tab:

This will take you to a page with useful data from your local airports like Daily Climate Reports, Record Events, and Monthly Weather Summaries.

It’s a little hard to find but definitely useful information! If you find anything interesting for your January weather data, please share and discuss in the comments below! Thanks!
January 31, 2020