New Modern Display for 5-in-1 Personal Weather Stations

New Modern Display for 5-in-1 Personal Weather Stations
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New Modern Display for 5-in-1 Personal Weather Stations

Here is What Our Customers are Saying

The modern design of the latest Wi-Fi display for the best-selling weather station, the AcuRite 5-in-1. allows you to easily connect to My AcuRite and Weather Underground directly from the display!  Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our customers have to say about the new Wi-Fi weather station display:


AcuRite unboxing

Sgnt Will Brents, UAMS Police Dept - Little Rock, AR.

"I like the look and layout of the new display. It connected very fast and easily to both My AcuRite and Weather Underground. The new display takes up less space and with fewer wires than the previous system with the hub, which makes for a cleaner look. Our dispatchers keep watch on both rainfall and wind speeds, which allows us to provide a more safe and secure campus. A great product that when paired with a 5-in-1 weather station, you cannot go wrong."  

Marc Johnson, NWS Skywarn Coordinator - Mora, MN

"Sleek, simple design. Easy setup. Easy to read. The colors do a nice job of highlighting "like" readings. Stable as it sits on a flat surface."

AcuRite HD display on a desk AcuRite Sensor on Weather Underground

My AcuRite

James Ollick, Grayson, GA

"Very happy you added the battery backup. It is wonderful and a good addition to my home office"

Dina Knightly, Storm Front Freaks Podcast and Weather Channel Meteorologist, Cumming GA.

Love this display. Very crisp and easy to read. Easy to install the actual weather station itself. Both my sons find it easy to toggle through the setup and display the information they want to see. They love seeing humidity and heat index. I access most of this info on my phone, but my family uses the display in the morning, to know what kind of jacket they need to wear. It is at a central location in our home and is easily accessible."

AcuRite Wi-Fi Weather Station unboxing

Ryan Anderson, Sherrard, IL

"The display is beautiful. I love all the different colors. I also like the moon phase graphic.  I do a lot of gardening (my dad has a farm) so rainfall amounts and temperature are important to me."

Liz Kemp, Tuscon, AZ

"Once our monsoon season starts, I will be checking it more often as I am a storm chaser, and use the data to decide if it is time to head out and chase. Also, when I am no longer working from home, I will be using My AcuRite to check on rainfall levels at my house when I am in the office."

AcuRite 5-in-1 Sensor in the desert


Remember, this will only connect the 5-in-1weather station to the My AcuRite weather data app.  If you have other AcuRite home monitoring sensors reporting to My AcuRite, you’ll still need the AcuRite Access™ to keep those sensors connected and reporting for remote monitoring and weather data collection.  Upgrade your 5-in-1 today to get your personal weather station online and reporting to join the fun of online weather monitoring tools and remote monitoring through My AcuRite.

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What’s your weather story? Where is your wireless weather station mounted and how do you use your AcuRite weather data?  We love to hear from you.

June 8, 2020
Mark Fleming
June 14, 2020
Hello, I am trying to set up the new Direct to WiFi unit. Where do I find the Device ID. Thanks
AcuRite Team
June 15, 2020
We can definitely help you with that! The Device ID is located in the battery compartment of the display unit or on the back of the display.
gary coomer
June 18, 2020
what app to use with macbook pro and also does it work with the lighting dector tks
AcuRite Team
June 22, 2020
The My AcuRite and Weather Underground apps are available for both iOS and Android users. This display unit is not compatible with our Lightning Detector.
Kevin Syler
March 5, 2021
After being down for 8 months to build a new house and move, KTNBELVI12 in Belvidere, TN is back on line. Acurite provided invaluable information to help get the 5 in 1 with Access connected and running!!
March 22, 2022
The dark background is a big failure when the display is next to a sunny window. I can't read it unless I am about 1 foot away. The back light and contrast of colors needs to be improved.
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