Plan for Backyard Camping with AcuRite

Plan for Backyard Camping with AcuRite

Summer’s here and kids are all over the place! Inside, outside, sleepovers, tagging along on family camping trips, the beach, etc. Heck, the kids even seem to multiply in the backyard!

Use an AcuRite weather station to help plan for fun outdoor activities like backyard camping for your kids and their friends!

Plan for High Temperatures

If there is an excessive heat warning in effect for your location, the overnight lows may not get below 80F. This will be extremely uncomfortable for a bunch of kids in a single tent. You can closely watch the temperatures reported by your AcuRite weather station, and bring the kids into the cool basement when necessary.

Camping in the Rain is No Fun

We’ve all been there…camping in the rain is no fun! With your backyard 5-in-1 Weather Station you can see how much it’s rained and how wet it really is out there. The kids can handle a few minor rain showers, but if it starts pouring, make sure to have an area of the living room or basement cleared out for them if they come running inside for shelter.

Children's backyard playground equipment with slide

Keep an Eye on the Winds

If the kids want a campfire (s’mores, obviously!), you’ll want to keep an eye on the winds. It can be dangerous to build a fire in extremely windy conditions due to threats of rapid fire spread. Check your weather station to see what the wind has been doing that day to make sure they haven’t remained high after sunset.

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July 5, 2018
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