Teaching Kids About Weather Can Spark Interest in STEM

Teaching Kids About Weather Can Spark Interest in STEM

Kids have a natural curiosity, and love to explore the world around them—including all things weather-related. But did you know that teaching kids about weather monitoring and weather forecasting is a fun and easy way to introduce them to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)?

For many kids, STEM concepts can seem abstract and difficult to grasp. But the weather is something relatable, which affects their everyday life and surroundings. For example, temperature changes may impact what they choose to wear. Snowstorms can cancel school. Weather is also dramatic and potentially dangerous. Major weather events, such as hurricanes and tornados, are scary, yet captivating. Observing their natural world helps kids learn the connection between what they see and experience, and the STEM skills associated with weather monitoring and forecasting.

What can you, as a parent, do to foster your child’s interest in the weather, and help them build their STEM skills?

Get Them A Weather Station

… or other science, STEM, or weather-related gadget. From books to science kits, these tools help promote an early interest in the field, and help kids make a closer connection to the world around them. Check out this meteorological gift guide for inspiration on home monitoring and educational tools, or AcuRite’s many weather station options.

Do STEM Weather-Related Home Experiments

Hands-on experiments are fun for kids. STEM-Works provides a range of interesting weather-related activities from making your own volcano or cloud, to learning about seismic monitoring. The site also provides additional STEM ideas, including robotics.

Start Early

Oftentimes a love of science and weather comes from parents engaging children from a young age with simple experiments or observations. PBS Parents has some easy things you can do to get started with weather education, including creating a weather journal with your child to identify and record weather data.

Here at AcuRite, we also really enjoy helping students in elementary and middle schools celebrate Weather Day and learn important scientific skills. April 17th we are going to turn Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers, into a huge weather classroom before the baseball game. Check back on April 18th for an update!

April 16, 2019
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