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Severe Weather Preparedness

Storm Ahead
Posted in: Why Weather Matters
By AcuRite Team
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Severe Weather Preparedness

The arrival of spring means severe storm season. Depending on your region, this means severe thunderstorm development is right around the corner, or already underway. Please take a minute to look through some resources to help keep your family and friends safe this spring and summer.

Severe Weather Preparedness Week

Because severe weather generally affects different regions at different times of the year, the National Weather Service (NWS) relies on the local NWS offices to plan and schedule their local severe weather preparedness week. Please visit the NWS preparedness events calendar so you know when to expect it for your area. The Spring Safety page and the Spring Safety presentation from the NWS are also great resources to check often. Regardless of the season, stay safe year-round with these Safety Tips from the NWS.

Learn About Storm Development

By educating ourselves on thunderstorm development, we can start to learn how to identify potentially dangerous weather conditions to get ourselves and our loved ones to safety.  Another benefit is that by learning, we start to eliminate the fear of the unknown. A towering cumulus cloud may look beautiful, but if it’s growing rapidly, then be aware! Learn more on Thunderstorm Development, Lightning Development, and Tornado Alley so you can be prepared.

Monitor Severe Weather with an AcuRite Weather Station

Stay ahead of dangerous weather by setting up an AcuRite Altas in your backyard or on your roof. Make sure to get the additional lightning sensor to be warned of developing thunderstorms. By connecting your weather station to the MyAcuRite website and app, you have the added bonus of monitoring the conditions while you are away from home. And you can have fun with setting up alerts pushed directly to your mobile device to be notified of developing severe weather. For example, set an alert for lightning strike detection, high wind gusts, or increasing rainfall rate to stay ahead of the storm!


Safeguard your home!

Severe weather can do a number on your house or apartment, so think about linking some AcuRite environmental sensors to your monitoring system. Even if thunderstorms are rattling roofs, you can keep track of your home with water leak sensors, humidity sensors, mold detectors, and even home security that will tell you if a door or window blows open!

Want to be even more involved?

Maybe you’re interested in becoming an official Storm Spotter.

April 8, 2019
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