10 Gifts for Weather Lovers of All Ages

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10 Gifts for Weather Lovers of All Ages

Got a weather lover among your loved ones? Trying to find the perfect gift doesn't have to stress you out when there are so many cool weather-related gifts out there. From gadgets and subscriptions to hardcore weather stations, you can find meteorological gifts at any price point for any weather-obsessed person on your gift list.

Whether you're hoping to foster a love of science in a Junior Weather Watcher, looking for that special addition to a friend's gardening passion, or catering to the advanced interests of a confirmed weather bug, you'll find something giftable in our list of 10 of the coolest weather gifts available, from the most basic to the “wow, where did you get that?”

1. A Weather Calendar

The Old Farmer's Almanac Weather Watcher's Calendar is a classic gift that's appropriate for nearly anyone with an interest in the weather. It's packed with stunning photos of meteorological phenomena and fun weather facts and trivia. The generous size of the blocks leaves plenty of room for recording daily weather observations, making it a neat way to journal the weather. This Almanac even offers a convenient subscription option so you can gift your weather buff with a new calendar each year.

2. A Waterproof Weather Journal

A rainy day can make it nearly impossible to jot down important notes during weather observation. The solution? Waterproof paper and ink. Rite in the Rain makes a whole line of weatherproof journals, pens, and pencils aimed at those who sometimes have to make field notes in less-than-ideal weather conditions. With two sizes of notebooks available, you can find the perfect size for even the most junior weather watchers.

3. A Junior Weather Watcher Kit

We're especially proud of our Junior Weather Watcher resources, which provide coloring pages, weather maps, and educational resources that parents and educators can use with their kids. You don't have to spend a cent to support your weather bug kids in their interests — just download our journal pages and activity sheets and collect them in one special folder for gift-giving.

Don't forget to upload their work to your social media, mention us (@AcuRite), and tag your posts with #JrWeatherWatcher so we can see the fun, too!

Digital Weather Station with Forecast, Temperature, Clock, and Moon Phase

4. A Digital Weather Station

Take a step up from the suction cup thermometer with a compact digital weather station. Our Digital Weather Station with Forecast, Temperature, Clock, and Moon Phase gives you a quick overview of current conditions and a 12- to 24-hour forecast from data generated in your own backyard. It's an easy way to get your day started right, and the perfect addition to your home monitoring equipment.

5. A Weather Chart for the Littlest Weather Fans

Why wait until they can read to introduce your little ones to measuring weather? Long before they understand numbers and wind direction, kids are already aware of changes in the weather. You can make your own chart with a felt board and cutout symbols for rain, sun, lightning, snow, and other weather terms, or check out what's available for weather charts on Etsy.

6. A Homemade Weather Station for Kids

For an especially meaningful gift for kids, share your love of weather with them and create a lasting memory. It's one thing to show them how to read the measurements on a digital weather station, but nothing teaches quite as well as hands-on experience. Block out an afternoon to build the instruments found in our most popular weather stations and watch as kids grasp the concepts behind the measurements. You'll find simple instructions for building a thermometer, barometer, anemometer, wind vane, and rain gauge at Sciencing.com.

Portable Lightning Detector

7. A Lightning Detector for the Storm Chasers

For the more adventurous weather lovers, there's nothing quite as exciting as chasing a storm. A lightning detector is a handy addition to any storm chaser's kit. This portable lightning detector will sound the alarm when there's a lightning strike within 40 miles, giving ample time to get out of harm's way — or head toward the spectacle.

8. A Portable Anemometer for Weather Tracking on the Go

A portable anemometer is an excellent gift for anyone who needs to know which way the wind blows. It's useful for all sorts of outdoor sports and recreation, including golf, fishing, hunting, hiking, and flying drones, as well as for professional uses in construction, trade, and farming. The AcuRite™ Portable Anemometer features a backlit digital display and measures multiple environmental conditions, including temperature, wind speed, and humidity. With an integrated flashlight and extendable air velocity meter, it offers more utility than a basic portable unit.

9. A Personal Weather Station

The ideal gift for anyone who has a personal stake in predicting and tracking the weather, the AcuRite Iris™ (5-in-1) Weather Station with Direct-to-Wi-Fi Display ticks all the boxes. It measures and tracks temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and rain with precision and pulls its own data to give you the most accurate weather forecast for your exact location. The weather ticker streams real-time alerts and weather events, keeping you up to date on what's happening in your own little microclimate. It's the ideal gift for weather trackers, gardeners, and others who need to track weather trends over time, whether for professional or personal reasons.

10. Some Cool Weather Swag

Finally, for the weather lover who's got it all — or just wants the world to know about their passion — there's no better gift than cool AcuRite weather swag. There are a lot of options, including I Love Weather stickers (a whole six-pack of them, the perfect size to personalize a laptop or adorn a bumper), and T-shirts for the Weather Nerd and severe weather fans. All profits go to the National Weather Association Foundation, which helps educate students in kindergarten through 12th grade on how to predict and prepare for severe weather.

No matter the gift-giving occasion, indulge your weather watcher with gifts that cater to their fascination with weather. They'll love you for loving their weather-nerdy selves.

January 14, 2021
Ron Nykanennub
January 23, 2021
I have used one of the more expensive models for about 6 months. Once adjusted and powered without batteries this station works flawlessly. You couldn't expect any better. It's the middle of winter and 12 degrees and works just fine, and accurate.
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