Identify and monitor the presence of potentially dangerous lightning strikes as far as 25 miles (40 kilometers) away—more than twice the distance that lightning can be heard, giving you more time to prepare for the oncoming storm.

My AcuRite screenshot lightning detection - AcuRite Weather Monitoring

Strike Count

AcuRite Atlas tracks the 'number' of lightning strikes detected during storms, allowing you to monitor detailed conditions and better understand risks.


With an estimated distance from your location to detected strikes, you have a clearer picture of the risks—which will help you to better evaluate the danger and take necessary precautions.


Protect yourself and your family by receiving notifications on your phone—allowing extra time to take action.

Children's baseball game with lightning in the sky


Spend less time worrying about what may or may not be coming and more time enjoying your outdoor activities with friends and family. When dark clouds begin to loom on the horizon, AcuRite Atlas helps you identify the presence of lightning before you can even hear the thunder, delivering the information you need to confidently understand what is coming and better prepare for the storm.

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