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atlas environmental monitoring

AcuRite® Atlas™ Environmental Monitoring

AcuRite recently introduced even more ways to Plan Your Day with Confidence™ with the announcement of the AcuRite® Atlas™ family of products: Atlas 7, Atlas 8, and Atlas Elite.

Offering a wide array of insights and intuitively displayed weather data, Atlas weather stations help people better understand their environment and intelligently take action when conditions potentially affect their family, home, garden, activities, valuable possessions, and more. In addition, Atlas harnesses the power of the My AcuRite cloud-based platform, which lets you conveniently keep tabs on your home environment from your smartphone, tablet, or web browser.

AcuRite Atlas 7 and Atlas 8

The Atlas 7 includes the capability to monitor temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, rain, UV and light intensity, while the Atlas 8 delivers all the capabilities of the Atlas 7 plus added protection of monitoring for lightning strikes. If you purchase the Atlas 7, you can still get the add-on lightning sensor to upgrade into the Atlas 8.

AcuRite Atlas Elite

The Atlas Elite is a professional-grade solution that helps people comprehensively understand outdoor conditions in their specific environment.  With extended range, greater durability, and near real-time updates, the Atlas Elite delivers a best-in-class monitoring solution for both weather enthusiasts and business owners.

My AcuRite™ Remote Monitoring

View your AcuRite® Atlas™ sensor data conveniently online with our My AcuRite remote monitoring software. My AcuRite provides a sophisticated cloud-based platform through which customers can connect with their indoor and outdoor home environments using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. My AcuRite delivers detailed information in an intuitive and meaningful way that can help homeowners protect their family and household, allow small business owners to make better decisions involving their property and assets, as well as offer critical information to gardeners, outdoor enthusiasts, and more.