AcuRite Atlas Remote Battery Pack Weather Sensor

  • Easily change batteries at ground-level for your AcuRite Atlas sensor
  • 30-foot cord allows you to mount the AcuRite Atlas sensor on a roof or tall pole
  • Weather-resistant, dual-compartment design allows for replacement of batteries without loss of power to the sensor
  • Easy setup - plugs directly into the battery compartment of your AcuRite Atlas
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The Remote Battery Pack for AcuRite Atlas Weather Sensor allows you to easily change the batteries from a convenient ground-level location. The Battery Pack plugs into the AcuRite Atlas Weather Sensor's battery compartment and includes 30 feet of cord, leading to a Remote Battery Pack where the batteries are kept in a weather-resistant compartment. Perfect for installations in hard-to-reach places, such as a rooftop or a tall pole.

Includes: Battery Pack, zip ties, mounting hardware, instruction manual

Remote Battery Pack User Manual

  Download User Manual
Remote Battery Pack Specifications
Cord Length 30 feet
Power 4 AA alkaline or lithium* battery (not included)
*Lithium batteries recommended for temperatures below -4°F/-20ºC
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AcuRite Atlas Remote Battery Pack Weather Sensor