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AcuRite Tools for Camping

AcuRite Tools for Camping
By Kari Strenfel June 28, 2018 8707 Views No comments

You may want to consider upgrading your outdoor and camping supplies to include a few key tools from AcuRite.

Have strong winds caused you and your family difficulty in setting up the tent or building the campfire? Bring along a portable anemometer to get a better idea of wind speeds and peak wind gusts at your campsite. Also, it’s a neat device to bring on a hike when you (finally!) make it to the peak to measure maximum sustained winds at the highest point of your hike! It’s always a fun statistic to brag about around the campfire that night!


In addition to strong winds affecting the campsite, afternoon thunderstorms can pop up unexpectedly throughout the summer and disrupt your camping trip. The portable lightning sensor is also a great device to have on hand, especially if you’re hiking, boating, or camping this summer. This handy device will warn you if lightning is detected within 25 miles, so that you’ll have plenty of time to get to safety. Learn more on how to be prepared for lightning during your summer activities here.

Lightning Detector

Interested in both? You’ll save when you buy the package deal that contains both portable sensors!

Lightning Detector

Another handy device to stay ahead of any potential danger while you’re off-the-grid is a NOAA Weather Radio. This device will give you area-specific weather alerts from the National Weather Service with automatic notifications of emergency, weather, and public announcements. Sometimes we place too much trust our smartphones and weather apps and forget what to use when we’re exploring backcountry or simply just out of cell range.

NOAA Radio

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Feel free to share your crazy weather and camping stories here! How did winds ruin your campsite? Did lightning change your plans? Share your stories and camping pictures by commenting on this blog!

Get out there and enjoy, but please be safe!