What Is the Right Home Weather Station for You?

What Is the Right Home Weather Station for You?

What Is the Right Home Weather Station for You?

Discover the Right Weather Station for You

Whether the outlook is rain or shine, following the weather is more than just a popular hobby. In addition to getting to tracking record temperature highs or wind speeds, many outdoor lovers and businesses (like contractors, masons, landscapers, and farmers) rely on weather conditions to plan their days. To do so accurately, they need solid and sophisticated weather forecast solutions so they can more accurately execute their jobs and reduce risk. A personal weather station fits the bill, but it can be difficult to choose the right one.

To help you find a weather station that best fits your needs, we’ve created a handy guide to AcuRite’s options and the typical use case.

AcuRite Personal Weather Station Builder

For the Weather Watcher: Personal Wireless Weather Station Builder

Using AcuRite’s Personal Weather Station Builder, a personal weather station can be customized and built to allow weather enthusiasts to measure temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and rainfall. You can then add on additional sensors, features, and connectivity capabilities to ensure you have the data you need, where you need it. The home weather station system can have a stand-alone display unit or data can be displayed via the My AcuRite mobile app for remote monitoring. That’s right — you can monitor the data from your weather station while you are away from home or at work.

Bonus Tip: For simple on-the-go measurement, weather enthusiasts and gadget lovers might choose a portable lightning detector or a portable anemometer to measure wind speed and direction.

AcuRite Color Weather Station on bedside table

For the Backyard Lover: Wireless Weather Station with Color Display

For a simple and accurate weather reading in your backyard, in addition to a forecast, opt for the Color Weather Station. Simply mount the sensor outside (for instance, on a tree), and plug-in the display inside so that you can have an accurate reading of outdoor temperature and humidity.

Gardening with AcuRite Soil Moisture Meter

Gardening with AcuRite Rain Gauge

For the Home Gardener: Soil Temperature and Rain Gauges

In addition to leveraging a weather station like the one mentioned above, you can step up your gardening game by measuring soil conditions and rainfall. You can keep on top of garden soil conditions with AcuRite’s garden sensors that measure pH, soil temperature, and soil moisture, equipped with either a room or outdoor monitor. You can also pair these soil sensors with a digital rain gauge with AcuRite Access™ for remote monitoring through My AcuRite.

AcuRite Atlas weather station with lightning detection

For Businesses That Rely on the Weather: AcuRite Atlas Weather Station

If you have a larger outdoor business or a business that requires you to be outside at different locations from time to time — such as construction, farming, or landscaping — you need a more robust weather station solution.

The AcuRite Atlas Weather Station with Lightning Detection enables you to accurately measure the temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and rainfall. There is a Weather Ticker that streams real-time data along with historical high and low records by month so you can get a full picture of the weather conditions at your job site. Data can be shared with the My AcuRite mobile app through AcuRite Access™, and alerts for certain conditions — such as high wind speeds or lightning — can be programmed to keep your crew safe.

The Atlas Weather Station was built for individuals and businesses that need reliable weather data anytime, anywhere. With durable, all-weather construction, the system boasts a strong wireless range of up to 330 feet (100 meters) and can transmit data every 10 seconds.

Why AcuRite?

AcuRite provides actionable, personalized weather information, specific to one’s own home or workplace. Via advanced mobile technology, AcuRite’s weather products offer internet-connectivity, allowing users to access their AcuRite sensor data from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, computer, or tablet. The technology also allows users to customize alerts and receive notifications when conditions change, potentially requiring attention.

August 3, 2020
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