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Digital Meat Thermometer with Probe for Oven / Grill / Fryer / Smoker 00993ST

Digital Meat Thermometer with Probe for Oven / Grill / Fryer / Smoker


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  • Digital Meat Thermometer with Probe for Oven / Grill / Fryer / Smoker 00993ST Digital Meat Thermometer with Probe for Oven / Grill / Fryer / Smoker 00993ST
  • Digital Meat Thermometer with Probe for Oven / Grill / Fryer / Smoker 00993ST Digital Meat Thermometer with Probe for Oven / Grill / Fryer / Smoker 00993ST
  • Digital Meat Thermometer with Probe for Oven / Grill / Fryer / Smoker 00993ST Digital Meat Thermometer with Probe for Oven / Grill / Fryer / Smoker 00993ST

Digital Meat Thermometer with Probe for Oven / Grill / Fryer / Smoker

Quick Overview

The AcuRite Digital Meat Thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature of the food you are cooking with the oven door or grill lid closed. The commercial quality stainless steel probe measures internal food temperature while roasting and features a 3 ft. 450ºF heat resistant cord, perfect for monitoring food in the oven, grill, fryer or smoker. Programmable alarm automatically alerts you when your target temperature is reached - simply select one of the USDA recommended temperatures from the quick reference guide printed on the thermometer or set your own temperature. The compact design features integrated probe storage and soft-touch buttons. Stands upright for countertop use or magnetic backing mounts on the oven door. One-year limited warranty. It's more than accurate, it's AcuRite.

Model #: 00993ST, 00993STA1, 00993STA2, 00993STA3, 00993STA4

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  • Instant readout of inner food temperature during cooking cycle
  • 3 ft. 450ºF high heat resistant cord reaches outside of oven or grill so you don't let heat escape while checking food internal temperature
  • For use in: ovens, deep fryers, barbeque grills and smokers
  • Programmable, automatic alarm alerts you when desired temperature is reached
  • Includes USDA cooking temperature quick reference guide
  • Commercial quality stainless steel thermometer probe
  • Wide temperature range from 32ºF to 392ºF (0ºC to 200ºC)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Countertop or magnet-mountable design features cord management and probe storage
  • Degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius

Includes: Digital cooking thermometer, 3 ft. cord and probe, instruction manual

Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty


Dimensions: 2.9" H x 2.3" W x 2.5" D
Temperature Range: 32ºF to 392ºF, 0ºC to 200ºC
Temperature Accuracy: +/- 2°F
Power: 2 AAA alkaline batteries (not included)


Download User Manual: AcuRite Digital Cooking Thermometer 00993ST [PDF]

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  1. First Impressions review by Paul on 4/24/2017

    I received the 933STA4 as a gift and it stop working after 3 months and a hand full of uses. I left a review and Rachel from ACURITE contacted me, apologized for my troubles and sent a new one to replace the defective unit. She was friendly, courteous and her service was not expected. Thank you Rachel.

  2. Best Kitchen Themometer review by Marine on 4/7/2016

    I have used this product for beef and I am very much satisfied with its accuracy and functioning. It worked great. I purchased this product from [URL Removed]. So I recommend you all to buy this product.

  3. fantastic review by SunriseBBQ on 7/1/2014

    I now have 7 of these units. I am a bbq caterer and use them in my smoking & grilling. I used to buy them retail, but W/M stopped carrying them, I tracked them down and now can buy them direct. They are very accurate, durable, & reliable. I have used others when I couldnt find these, but they are far & away the best, and I will buy more.

  4. Great Gadget, and a Great Gift! review by Jennifer on 11/15/2013

    We have been using this handy gadget for baking or roasting meats and poultry, and it ensures that food is done just right. We liked ours so much we bought another one for a gift for a family member. This is a great gift idea for the holidays, for your favorite cook - or just give it to yourself!

  5. Meals are great! review by Sandra on 6/5/2013

    This thermometer is so much better than the one I used to push in and read the dial. You insert the prob into the meat, whether you are going to cook in the oven or on the stove top. Set the temp and the alarm, and it will beep when your food is done properly. My dinners are so much better since I don't overcook the meat anymore! I not only recommend this, I like this so much that I purchased 10 more for my friends for Christmas! Enjoy!

  6. great product, helps prevent over and under cooking review by Heather on 6/4/2013

    Had one of these already and upon seeing it my father asked for one for Xmas, easy to use simple uncomplicated design w/ alarm to let you know when you've reached the desired temperature!

  7. Good price for a good thermometer review by jrobink on 6/4/2013

    This is an easy to use, accurate cooking thermometer at an excellent price. It's display is very easy to read.

  8. Durable and reliable review by He cooks on 5/26/2013

    We have had our thermometer for 7 years now and it still works well. This spring we had to replace the probe as the wires had frayed from several years of use. We were able to buy a new one and hope to get another 7 years out of it.

  9. Functional review by M.Quisenberry on 11/21/2012

    This is a very basic, quality thermometer. Product performs exactly as expected. Very easy to set target temperature and leave it to do it's job. The alarm is nicely loud, insistent and unmistakable. "Main" meat temperatures are clearly printed on the back for reference.

  10. No More Guessing review by Acimdreamer on 8/14/2012

    I really like this thing. The alarm is the best part. I always just did the per-pound timing before, which was fine, but involved guesswork. Set the temp, set the alarm, walk away - and it has a handy (small print, but nice)meat guide on the back. Nice long wire, too. So far, it's worked just great.

  11. Reliable and Reasonable review by Kay on 6/21/2012

    I have had it now for several months. I have used it in my oven, Flavor Wave Turbo, gas grill and charcoal grill. Usually, I have a problem with overcooking meat, and therefore the meat gets dried out. Not anymore with this probe thermometer. I love the alarm. I also have a couple of instant read thermometers that I have tried after getting beeped by this one. It seems to be accurate as compared to them and my chicken, turkey, beef and pork have been juicy and done correctly. It is a great value for the price.

  12. Birthday present review by Lynn on 5/22/2012

    We already have a Chaney wireless thermometer. One of our sons cooks a lot and admired ours so much we ordered him one for his birthday. My husband loves ours!

  13. Accurate review by Nicki on 5/17/2012

    The accuracy of the thermometer is great. I tested it in ice water and boiling water and it was accurate within 2 degrees in both cases.

  14. Works well review by Jeremy on 5/14/2012

    Great product, I can have a steak and chicken on at the same time and don't have to keep going back to the BBQ to check if they are done. The down side is that it goes through batteries quickly but with rechargeable not a major problem.

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