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programmable weather alarms

Programmable Alarms

Some AcuRite Weather Stations, Thermometers and Multi-Sensor Stations feature Programmable Alarms that sound an alert to notify you when a value (for temperature, humidity, etc.) has been reached or exceeded. When an alarm is triggered, the display unit emits an audible beep and some units show flashing data or an icon in the affected category. You can customize the alarms by turning ON or OFF the alarms you'd like activated or deactivated, and most alarms allow you to input your own values to trigger the alarm.

Some of the alarms that may be included with a product are listed below. For the complete list of alarms included with a particular model, please read the user manual for the product.


Alarm Examples
    • Outdoor humidity exceeds ____ degrees (high and/or low)
    • Outdoor temperature exceeds ____ degrees (high and/or low) - Set low to 33ºF for a frost alert
    • Oncoming storm - Triggered by a drop in barometric pressure
    • Indoor humidity exceeds ____ degrees (high and/or low)
    • Indoor temperature exceeds ____ degrees (high and/or low) 
  • Wind chill exceeds ____ degrees (low temperature)
  • Dew point exceeds ____ degrees (high and/or low)
  • Heat index exceeds ____ degrees (high temperature)
  • Rainfall exceeds ____ inches or millimeters
  • Wind speed exceeds ____ miles per hour (or KPH)