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Icon Definitions and Terminology

 weather ticker

Weather Ticker™

Many AcuRite Weather Stations feature a Weather Ticker on the digital display. The Weather Ticker is an area on the display that automatically streams your real-time weather information and alerts, shown as scrolling or flashing text. You can customize the Weather Ticker messages or data you'd like to be displayed.

Some of the Weather Ticker messages that may be included on a weather station display are listed below.  For the complete list of Weather Ticker messages included with a particular weather station model, read the user manual for the product.


Weather Ticker Messages
    • Forecast of 12 to 24 hour future weather conditions
    • Moon phase 
    • Indoor comfort - Dry, OK or humid comfort level 
    • It feels like ___ outside - Calculates what temperature it feels like outdoors based on temperature, humidity and wind speed
    • This week's high indoor temperature record
    • This week's low indoor temperature record
    • This month's high outdoor temperature record
  • This month's low outdoor temperature record
  • New high temperature record
  • New low temperature record
  • New wind speed record today
  • Current rainfall rate (inches of rain per hour)
  • Rain event has started
  • No rain recorded since ____ 
  • Weather alarm details
  • Low sensor batteries 
  • Sensor signal lost - Wireless signal troubleshooting may be required