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Precision Forecasting

Precision Forecasting Technology - The most accurate weather for your back yard

Your Personal Forecast, On Demand

The popularity of online climate reporting websites and the proliferation of smartphone apps make accessing current weather conditions easier than ever. However, obtaining reliable and accurate weather forecast information for your exact location is a bit more tricky.

So, is it supposed to rain, or not?

Weather forecasting agencies create forecasts based on a set of observations and computer models collected from reporting stations that may be hundreds of miles from your home. Due to the large area covered by these popular forecasting networks, a 40% chance of rain means there is a 40% chance of rain at any given point across the entire region (see the National Weather Service explanation of “ Probability of Precipitation”).

In other words, your local meteorologist is forecasting for thousands of people (millions if you live in a metropolitan area) spread out over great distances. Quite frankly, it’s practically impossible to get the forecast right for everyone in a given TV or radio market, so a prediction for rain doesn’t necessarily mean you should cancel your barbeque.

But what if you had a meteorologist in your own backyard whose weather report was tailored specifically for you? What if you could enjoy accurate forecasts specific to your exact location? Well, now you can!

Precision Forecasting

AcuRite started with the belief that over a period of time it’s possible to use the weather observations collected in your backyard to generate a localized short-term forecast.  We teamed up with noted atmospheric scientist Paul J. Roebber, Ph.D. to develop revolutionary, patented Precision Forecasting technology.

Precision Forecasting predicts the probability of precipitation, amount of cloud cover, and maximum / minimum temperatures. Precision Forecasting technology introduces the newest methodology in weather prediction modeling by combining a region-specific ("Geo Zone") forecasting algorithm with current weather observations, taken at the source (from your AcuRite sensor), to develop a location-specific future forecast.

Here's how your Precision Forecast is generated..

Geo Zone: Regional Forecast Models

Dr. Roebber determined that the United States and surrounding countries feature 7 large, relatively uniform physiographic regions, and therefore they can be divided into 7 "Geo Zones" to capture basic, synoptic-scale weather changes.

Geo Zone Map - Click to Enlarge

AcuRite Micro Forecasting Geo Zone Map

AcuRite Precision Forecasting weather stations come preprogrammed with 7 different North American regional weather forecasting algorithms. To setup your weather station's Geo Zone, simply select the appropriate region based on the Geo Zone Map [pictured at left]. The weather station will then apply the correct algorithm to generate your forecast

PLUS Focused Sensor Data Collection

All AcuRite weather stations come with a wireless outdoor weather sensor. AcuRite weather sensors track changes in temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure, right in your backyard. To account for fine-scale microclimatic details, Precision Forecasting combines your selected Geo Zone algorithm with the data collected by your outdoor  sensor to personalize your weather forecast for your exact location.

Put To The Test...

Dr. Roebber rigorously tested Precision Forecasting for accuracy utilizing years of recorded weather data, "In partnership with AcuRite, our goal was to develop accurate weather forecasting technology that uses atmospheric data germane to a specific home or backyard environment. As we were developing this method, I evaluated it against current meteorological forecast standards - and AcuRite's forecasting technology meets these requirements," said Roebber. "As a meteorologist I am consistently looking for data that will give me the most accurate weather forecast information. As a consumer, I would use AcuRite weather forecasting technology to help plan my day," Roebber added. So go ahead. Plan your day with confidence!™

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