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AcuRite.com teams up with AffiliateManager.com to promote weather products via the affiliate marketing channel.

Orlando, FL August 12, 2015 – AcuRite.com offers a wide range of products that provide easy-to-understand, comprehensive data about weather and environmental conditions at home or at work. AcuRite products let customers monitor the places they care about, stay informed of changing conditions, and plan their days with confidence. As the number one top-selling brand in weather and environmental monitoring products, AcuRite is widely recognized as an industry leader for accuracy, quality, and ease of use.

An option for every niche, AcuRite’s wide variety of products offer meaningful, actionable information to gardeners, aviators, sportsmen, homeowners and anyone else who benefits from reliable, localized data. When they’re looking for something accurate, they will find it at AcuRite.com.

Through the new partnership of AffiliateManager.com and AcuRite.com, the Acurite.com affiliate program rewards affiliates for their performance-based promotional achievements and gives affiliates the opportunity to generate revenue with their campaign.

Launched on the AvantLink network, the AcuRite.com affiliate program offers:

10% affiliate commission

60-day cookie duration

“As a weather junkie, I was excited to have the opportunity to work with AcuRite in developing their affiliate marketing program,” said Shaughn O’Neill, Account Manager at AffiliateManager.com. “Their products are well-made and affordable. I look forward to helping them grow their business.”

About AcuRite.com

AcuRite.com is owned by the Chaney Instrument Co., a leading manufacturer of precision time, temperature, and weather products since 1943. Today, they are still a family-owned business based in idyllic Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and remain committed to their customers, employers and environment.

About AffiliateManager.com

Piloted by Affiliate Summit’s 2013 Affiliate Manager of the Year, Jon Nunez, AffiliateManager.com brings revolutionary technology and unparalleled service to drive affiliate programs through all phases of management, including recruitment, activation and optimization.

For additional information about the AcuRite.com and AffiliateManager.com affiliate program collaboration, please contact:

Jon Nunez | President | AffiliateManager.com
P. (682) 478-5882 | F. (407) 650-2820 | E. Jon@AffiliateManager.com

AcuRite is owned by the Chaney Instrument Co., a leader in time, temperature and personal weather reporting and forecasting instruments, since 1943. AcuRite products are known for ease of use and delivering accurate, reliable information, allowing you to plan your day with confidence. Chaney Instrument Co. is a family-owned business based in idyllic Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. 


MEDIA CONTACT: pr@chaney-inst.com