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AcuRite Projection Clock with USB Charger & Temperature 13020

Intelli-Time Projection Clock with Outdoor Temperature and USB Charger


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  • AcuRite Projection Clock with USB Charger & Temperature 13020 AcuRite Projection Clock with USB Charger & Temperature 13020
  • AcuRite Projection Clock with USB Charger & Temperature 13020 AcuRite Projection Clock with USB Charger & Temperature 13020
  • AcuRite Projection Clock with USB Charger & Temperature 13020 AcuRite Projection Clock with USB Charger & Temperature 13020
  • AcuRite Projection Clock with USB Charger & Temperature 13020 AcuRite Projection Clock with USB Charger & Temperature 13020
  • AcuRite Projection Clock with USB Charger & Temperature 13020 AcuRite Projection Clock with USB Charger & Temperature 13020
  • AcuRite Projection Clock with USB Charger & Temperature 13020 AcuRite Projection Clock with USB Charger & Temperature 13020
  • AcuRite Projection Clock with USB Charger & Temperature 13020 AcuRite Projection Clock with USB Charger & Temperature 13020

Intelli-Time Projection Clock with Outdoor Temperature and USB Charger

Quick Overview

Wake up to the time or temperature projected in large digits on your wall or ceiling with the AcuRite Projection Clock. The alarm clock features an illuminated color display with indoor & outdoor temperature, Intelli-Time clock and calendar, moon phase and alarm clock settings. Alarm clock offers the convenience of a USB charger for compatible smartphones. Intelli-Time clock automatically updates itself for Daylight Saving Time. The programmable alarm clock can be set for everyday use or weekdays only. The wireless sensor includes a thermometer to take the outdoor temperature reading, and features weather-resistant construction and an integrated hanger for easy mounting. One-year limited warranty. It's more than accurate, it's AcuRite.

Model #: 13020, 13020CCDI, 13020CA, 13020CAUDI, 13026W, 397130

Availability: In stock



Projection Clock

  • Projects the time or temperature on the ceiling or wall
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature (degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius) with trend arrow
  • USB charger for compatible smartphones
  • Alarm clock can be set for everyday use or weekdays only
  • Focus adjustment dial for a crystal clear projection
  • 180 degree projector rotation with flip image feature for versatile viewing angles
  • Moon phase
  • Intelli-Time clock and calendar (month/day/day of week)
  • Automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time (DST)
  • Electric power with battery backup in case of power failure

Projection Clock Includes:

  • Projection clock
  • Wireless temperature sensor
  • Power adapter
  • Instruction manual
  • Does NOT include USB charger cables or phone

Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty


Projection Alarm Clock Specifications

Indoor Temperature Range32 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit; 0 to 40 degrees Celsius
Temperature Accuracy+/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit; Learn more
Timekeeping Accuracy+/- 45 seconds per month
Data ReportingIndoor Temperature: 60 second updates
Power5V power adapter (included; recommended for optimal display color); 3 AA alkaline batteries (optional; not included)
Dimensions5-inch height x 5.4-inch width x 2.4-inch depth
  1. Monitor my Green House Temperature remotely review by John B on 10/25/2017

    I have model 13020 in almost every room in my house. Six of them.
    Features I like.
    Clock which never needs to be touched with power failure and DST features included, never have to reset it.
    With one of my units I use it to monitor the interior temperature of my green house remotely great safety feature.
    Charge my iPhone at bedside
    Projection clock display
    inside and outside temp readings
    Color display
    One wireless sensor runs all my units and with another added for my green house
    Alarm clock
    Moon Phase
    battery backup
    I have owned these for more than 2 years without any problems
    Highly recommended

  2. Not To Impressed review by Don San Diego on 8/23/2017

    I was excited to buy this clock because I can't see the clock on the dresser when in bed. The clock face itself is nice size, but like the early flat screen televisions, you can't see the face clearly at an angle. Defeats my purpose completely! Secondary I thought the projection to the wall or ceiling would back up the poorly viewable face ... NOT. The projection is old-style digital display (like my old calculator) and is very hard to read. It can be done, you just need to get used to it and display ONLY the clock and not the temps.

    All and all, unless you are buying this bedroom alarm clock for a night stand right next to you, same level, I would look onward for a different product. I am probably going to return this or give it to the grand kids.

  3. 13020 Review - Projection problem review by Scott on 1/9/2017

    The Acurite Intelli-Time Projection Clock, model 13020, is an interesting and useful concept. I love the ability to view the indoor and outdoor temperature and find the projection feature very useful. Unfortunately, after 3 weeks of use, the digits shown from the projector are starting to fail. For example, when it's 4:00, the projector shows 1:00. It appears the projection feature is rapidly deteriorating and may become useless within the next couple weeks. I've attempted to reach customer service several times. Each time there is a queue as low as 14 and as high as 28 customers waiting to speak with a representative. As of yet, I have not been able to speak to a customer service representative despite leaving a call back number (no call back). As indicated, its a great concept with useful features, but the projection feature is failing.

  4. Projection Alarm Clock with USB Charging and Temp review by Thomas on 12/29/2016

    Works great only things I would change are the projection display could rotate at other angles than the current 180 degree, the alarm could be a little louder, and I would like to see dual alarms.

  5. Love the projection feature! review by Lisa on 3/10/2016

    The projection feature works great so it's easy to read the time in the middle of the night without the clock needing to be right next to the bed. I use glasses and have poor eyesight without them on so during the night it's hard for me to read clocks when they're on my dresser, but with the projection I can enlarge the time and angle it right above me so it's easy to read all night. The projection light on the ceiling isn't noticeable unless I open my eyes to read it so it doesn't distract me from getting a good nights sleep.

    The only issue I've had is that the snooze feature on the alarm clock sometimes glitches and will turn off the alarm completely when I hit snooze. It seems to be sensitive to how hard I press the snooze button, but that doesn't always seem to be the issue. It seems random on when it will work or not. But it's teaching me not to snooze so much anymore, which is probably a good thing!

  6. Projection Problems review by Ricardo on 2/23/2016

    The projection feature stopped working properly (bubbles hiding the time) after just a few months, rendering the feature completely useless.
    Since I'm not a "hoarder" I did not keep the receipt for this clock, so I was not able to have it repaired or receive a new one. The only way the customer service representative fond to resolve the issue was to sell me a new clock with a 4 dollars discount... not sure who would be interested in that deal?

  7. clock review by harvey on 1/14/2016

    works as advertised. Very disappointed that it does not have a 24 hour feature for the clock.

  8. Very functional and useful review by Cyberherbalist on 11/4/2015

    Because I'm nearsighted without my glasses, the projection feature for when I wake up at night isn't quite as useful for me (have to put on my glasses to see it, and I can illuminate my watch without glasses). However, the feature set of the rest of the clock is outstanding. I love being able to see how cold it is outside! I'm only giving 4 stars out of 5 because the alarm is anemic, i.e. it isn't very loud. I wish it were adjustable and able to be increased in volume to at least twice as loud as it is.

    However, I do find that even though it isn't very loud, it is annoying enough to get my attention, unless I am really deeply asleep! Please make it louder and I will re-buy it!!

  9. Value for your money! review by wjrjr on 12/16/2014

    This is third projection alarm clock I have had, and I am very pleased...easy to set and adjust, good lighting and projection. Whish I could project temperature and time at same time (it is one or the other), and wish I could have a more pleasant alarm...but it was $20 or more than the competition, easier to set and see, and stable on the night table. Overall, very pleased.

  10. Great but..... review by Linda on 11/30/2014

    I already had a projection clock and while the projection was great the clock was had to read. I ordered the Intelli-Time Projection Clock to have a more readable face and it did not hurt that I could see the temp and charge my phone. It has been great for those things. The clock its self is super readable. Nice size display and colors. (Considering up grading my weather station to the color screen) My only draw back is that the projection is hard for me to read. It is not the brightness or the sharpness but the actual design of the numbers. That being said I would still recommend this product and am happy I have it.

  11. Like it very much. Full of features. review by Ravi on 10/28/2014

    I have obtained the clock as a gift. All the features are really good. Would like to rotate the projection as and when required. Recommend the same to all. Few more color options for the projection is desirable.

  12. nice alarm review by sam on 7/25/2014

    As well performing as my bigger acurite weather station with fewer features. I only worried about the alarm tone. It's not as harsh as the last alarm clock. I like it better. The time projector doesn't focus well on my ceiling. I go with it off. No need for the outdoor sensor It received well from the other unit's. So a spare in the drawer. Good electronics.

  13. Not bad review by Levi on 6/14/2014

    Nice clock that I put batteries in and before I got to the bedroom and plugged it in it was current time and temps. Easy to program alarm and phone charger ability is a plus. My only grip is there is no rotating the ceiling projection. Such as I like to have the clock at a 45 to the bed and the numbers straight which puts the display directly overhead but this can't happen. Only rotation is 180 flip from parallel with base unit. Otherwise I am ok with the purchase.

  14. Great little projection clock review by JP on 4/12/2014

    I purchased this clock to replace one I had for many years. I really like the face of this clock and the brightness adjustment. The projection time is just bright enough to see at night without brightening the room. I can also read the digits without my glasses. The alarm is the correct volume to me, not too load. I also like that the alarm time is displayed on the clock display. I also have my phone charge plugged into the clock and it does a great job keeping my phone charged. There are two additions I would like to see in future models. I would like the Atomic Clock capability and a second alarm. These aren't deal breakers but would be a nice addition. It's a great clock.

  15. Gave 7 as Christmas gifts Best gifts I ever gave review by Grandmom on 1/23/2014

    Purchased one in November as a gift. I liked it so much when it came I purchased 6 more for Christmas gifts. Everyone has called to say how much they like it and all the features. Would have given 5 stars but it is not an atomic clock that will constantly update the time. The projection can be focused and is much clearer than a similar one I have from a different manufacturer.

  16. Like it a lot review by Joseph on 1/4/2014

    Love the display. The clock seems accurate. The alarm is very easy to set and when it is turned on keeps the alarm time displayed which is nice since I don't always get up at the same time every day and can see if I need to adjust it or not without fumbling with different buttons. The snooze is 8 minutes. It does not tell you that anywhere in the documentation. It would be nice if the snooze time could be adjustable but most alarms aren't for some reason. The alarm sound is pretty annoying compared to my last alarm but it certainly does the trick in waking me up. The projection color can be switched from red to amber. The projection can be flipped 180 degrees but I wish it could be rotated to any angle. Having the clock turned towards the bed causes the projection to be at a cockeyed position on the ceiling. Overall- very pleased and would recommend.

  17. Well made and lots of features review by Joe on 11/30/2013

    Easy to unbox, good set up instructions, clear and legible fonts. Well made, solid plastic parts with good fit and attractive finish. Main display is bright, and can be adjusted down to be a good brightness for the bedstand. Projector works well, clear image on the ceiling per your selected output of time or temperature.

    Time was correct right out of the box, this unit isn't an atomic clock, rather it has a button battery that keeps the clock on and "right" over "time".

    Temperature monitor snapped on right away, rock solid and a lot of range for your outside monitoring.

    USB port works fine, and is a nice touch.

    Deducting one star as I'd like the projector to cycle thru time, indoor temp, and outdoor temp. which it doesn't seem to be able to do. I guess most folks don't want to see the temp projected at 3AM, but, well, I do.

    Overall, I recommend this unit for it's quality, features and nice price point.

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