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Weather Sensors and Parts

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  1. Indoor 34 items
  2. Outdoor 23 items
  3. Tabletop 15 items
Display Features
  1. Battery Backup  17 items
  2. Programmable Alerts 12 items
  3. WiFi for Weather Underground 3 items
  4. Can be Calibrated 16 items
  5. Backlight Dimming Option  16 items
  6. Displays Daily Rain Total  11 items
  7. Dark Theme 5 items
  8. Includes My AcuRite Mobile App 4 items
  9. Compatible with Lightning Detector 5 items
  10. Displays Moon Phase  9 items
  11. Clock uses Atomic Technology 3 items
  12. PC Connect 3 items
Display Screen Type
  1. Monochrome Display 7 items
  2. Color Display 14 items
  3. High Definition Display 3 items
  4. My AcuRite Mobile App 1 item
Connectivity & Compatibility
  1. Includes AcuRite Access for Remote Monitoring through My AcuRite 1 item
  2. Sensor is Compatible with AcuRite Access 15 items
  3. WiFi Connection to Weather Underground 3 items
Sensor Measurements
  1. Temperature 15 items
  2. Humidity 15 items
  3. Rainfall 3 items
  4. Wind Speed 8 items
  5. Wind Direction 4 items
  6. Water Detection 6 items
  7. Liquid Temperature 2 items
  8. Soil Temperature 2 items
  9. Lightning 3 items
  10. UV and Light Intensity  1 item
Display Type
  1. AcuRite Atlas 1 item
  2. 5-in-1 12 items
  3. 3-in-1 7 items
  4. Multi-Sensor 2 items
  5. Thermometer 3 items
  6. Rain 1 item
  7. My AcuRite Remote Monitoring 1 item
Power Type
  1. Battery 24 items
  2. Power Adapter  18 items
Analog / Digital Display
  1. Digital 28 items
Sensor Range
  1. 100 feet / 30 meters 1 item
  2. 165 feet / 50 meters 1 item
  3. 330 feet / 100 meters 16 items
Temperature and/or Humidity Update Interval
  1. 36 Seconds  1 item
  2. 30 Seconds  3 items
  3. 18 Seconds  1 item
  4. 16 Seconds  11 items

Keep your weather monitoring system running smoothly with our assortment of weather sensors and parts, including environmental sensors, displays for weather sensors, temperature sensors, thermometer probes and more. Looking for replacement parts or wanting to upgrade your weather system? We have everything you need.



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  1. Lightning Detector
  2. Room Monitor with Water Detector
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  3. Outdoor Monitor with Water Detector
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Shop weather sensors, thermometer probes, weather station displays and other weather instrument parts essential for environmental monitoring inside and outside your home. Room temperature sensors help you keep your family comfortable indoors, and outdoor weather sensors measure temperature, humidity and other weather conditions for disaster prevention and weather forecasts. Add a color display to your weather station to confidently read the weather forecast, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rain, barometric pressure, Weather Ticker, clock, calendar and more. Plus replace parts such as temperature probes, power adapters and USB cables for AcuRite products.

Plus, explore AcuRite’s range of weather stations, thermometers, hygrometers, portable weather devices and more. Our weather devices assist you in measuring key data such as rainfall, temperature, humidity, heat index, dew point and barometric pressure.

AcuRite provides you with the leading weather stations and home monitoring devices to ensure your home is equipped with the home technology it needs to run efficiently inside and outdoors. Shop our weather stations and supplement your home monitoring environment with other weather devices. Or explore our inventory of indoor clocks and outdoor clocks, kitchen devices, gardening tools.