AcuRite Iris (5-in-1) Weather Station with Color Display

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Plan Your Day with Confidence™

  • Measures temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction & rainfall
  • Self-calibrating weather forecast gives 12 and 24-hour weather predictions
  • Wall mount or tabletop design to fit in any room in the house
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    The AcuRite PRO+ Weather Station provides everything you need to Plan Your Day with Confidence™. This pro color weather station self-teaches and gives you 12 to 24-hour forecasts to help plan with weather from your backyard, not from the airport 50 miles away.


    The powerful weather station display allows you to view current conditions, track records, and store data. Easily track your weather patterns with a comprehensive information display.  


    The LCD color weather station display includes indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, wind chill, rain, barometric pressure, and more. The easy-to-mount unit is convenient for homeowners of all kinds.

    Color Display for 5-in-1 Sensor

    • Illuminated color display with auto-dimming brightness
    • Weather forecast 12 hours from your current conditions
    • Patented Forecast Technology pull data collected by the wireless weather station outside combined with the indoor display's built-in weather barometer provides a hyperlocal, personalized weather forecast
    • Programmable weather alarms: temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, and rainfall
    • Wind Speed: current, peak and average (mph, km/h, knots)
    • Wind direction with 16 point wind rose
    • Indoor and outdoor temperature (degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius) with trend arrow
    • Indoor and outdoor humidity (%RH) with trend arrow
    • Heat indexwind chill, and dew point 
    • Daily high and low temperature and humidity recorded since midnight
    • Moon phase indicator with four icon types
    • Time and date (month/day/year)
    • Tabletop or wall-mountable design
    • Indicator for wireless sensor signal strength

    AcuRite Iris (5-in-1) Weather Sensor

    • Measures temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and rain
    • Two solar panels power the internal fan to maximize ambient temperature accuracy at all hours of the day (standard AcuRite Iris (5-in-1) includes only one solar panel)
    • Strong wireless range to 330 feet (100 meters)
    • Transmits data every 18 to 36 seconds
    • Automatic self-emptying rain collection cup
    • 2-year battery life
    • Durable, all-weather construction
    • Easy installation includes mounting hardware

    Includes: Color display, power adapter, 5-in-1 sensor, mounting hardware, instruction manual

    Color Display Manual

      Download User Manual
    AcuRite Iris (5-in-1) Weather Sensor User Manual

      Download User Manual
    Color Display for 5-in-1 Sensor Specifications
    Temperature Range 32º to 122º F; 0º to 50º C
    Humidity Range 1% to 99% RH
    Wireless Range 330ft / 100m depending on home construction materials
    Operating Frequency 433 MHz
    Power 5V AC, 250 mA adapter
    3 AAA alkaline batteries (optional, not included)
    Dimensions 9.5-inch Height x 5.5-inch Width x 1-inch Depth
    5-in-1 Weather Sensor
    Temperature Range -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit; -40 to 70 degrees Celsius
    Temperature Accuracy +/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit
    Humidity Range 1% to 99% Relative Humidity
    Humidity Accuracy +/- 5% from 1% to 10% Relative Humidity
    +/- 4% from 10% to 20% Relative Humidity
    +/- 3% from 20% to 80% Relative Humidity
    +/- 4% from 80% to 90% Relative Humidity
    +/- 5% from 90% to 100% Relative Humidity
    Wind Speed 0 to 99 mph; 0 to 159 kph
    Wind Speed Accuracy +/-2 mph below 10 mph
    +/- 3 mph from 10 to 30 mph
    +/- 4 mph from 30 to 50 mph
    +/- 5 mph from 50 to 99 mph
    Wind Direction Indicators 16 points
    Rainfall Capacity 0.01 inches (0.25 mm) and up
    Rain Gauge Accuracy +/- 0.05" per inch of rainfall
    Wireless Range 330 feet / 100 meters depending on home construction materials
    Wireless Signal 433 MHz
    Power 4 AA alkaline or lithium* batteries
    *Lithium batteries recommended for temperatures below -4 degrees Fahrenheit / -20 degrees Celsius
    Data Reporting Wind Speed: 18 second updates
    Wind Direction: 36 second updates
    Temperature and Humidity: 36 second updates
    Dimensions 10.8-inches Height x 5.6-inches Width x 13.8-inches Depth
    My AcuRite Compatible Yes
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    AcuRite Iris (5-in-1) Weather Station with Color Display