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Wireless Digital Thermometer with Pager

Digital Meat Thermometer & Timer with Pager


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  • Wireless Digital Thermometer with Pager Wireless Digital Thermometer with Pager
  • Wireless Digital Thermometer with Pager Wireless Digital Thermometer with Pager
  • Wireless Digital Thermometer with Pager Wireless Digital Thermometer with Pager
  • Wireless Digital Thermometer with Pager Wireless Digital Thermometer with Pager

Digital Meat Thermometer & Timer with Pager

Quick Overview

The AcuRite Digital Meat Thermometer & Kitchen Timer with Pager allows you to monitor food temperature within a 100 ft. range while the oven, grill, fryer, slow cooker, smoker or bbq door or lid is closed. The commercial quality stainless steel probe measures internal food temperature during cooking and features a 3 ft. 600ºF heat resistant cord. When the target temperature is reached the wireless pager alerts with sound and light. The thermometer also features a countdown / count up kitchen timer and a clock. Easy-stow design includes cord management and probe storage. One-year limited warranty. It's more than accurate, it's AcuRite.

Model #: 03168, 03168A1, 03168A2, 03168A3

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Digital Meat Thermometer Features:

  • Meat thermometer provides an instant readout of inner food temperature during cooking cycle without opening the oven door or grill
  • Wireless pager alerts with sound and light from up to 100 ft. away when target food temperature is reached
  • 99 minute count up or countdown timer with alarm
  • 3 ft. 600ºF heat resistant cord withstands searing heat
  • Stainless steel thermometer probe measures a wide temperature range from 32ºF to 392ºF (0ºC to 200ºC)
  • Degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Easy-stow design includes cord management and probe storage
  • Clock
  • Makes the perfect cooking thermometer, oven thermometer, meat thermometer, bbq thermometer, deep fryer thermometer or grill thermometer

Includes: Digital meat thermometer, 3 ft. cord and probe, wireless pager, instruction manual
Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty


Meat Thermometer Dimensions: 5.1" H x 3.3" W x 2.1" D
Wireless Pager Dimensions: 2.8" H x 2.3" W x 1.3" D
Temperature Range: 32ºF to 392ºF, 0ºC to 200ºC; Probe cord heat resistant up to 600ºF (315ºC)
Temperature Accuracy: +/- 2°F; Learn More
Kitchen Timer Range: 99 minutes, 59 seconds
Kitchen Timer Accuracy: +/- 5 seconds @ 60 minutesLearn More
Wireless (RF) Range: 100' (30m)
Power: 2 AA alkaline batteries, 2 AAA alkaline batteries (not included)


Download User Manual:

  1. Great company, great product review by pierre on 7/6/2017

    I carelessly cut the probe wire while opening the plastic shell and reached out to AcuRite who sent promptly me a replacement as a goodwill gesture. I've used the thermometer now a few times and it works great. Thanks AcuRite for the classy response.

  2. Ideal monitor for cooking or slow smoking. review by Trouble on 1/31/2014

    Excellent for cooking on my smoker. I smoked a fresh pork shoulder last week and I was able to cook it to perfection. It enabled me to get the inner temperature to the ideal temperature. I was able to prepare other condiments while cooking. The remote sensor alerted me when the pork shoulder was done. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone cooking or slow smoking out side or cooking in your oven.

  3. A realistic review of this product review by bethel95 on 8/13/2013

    I purchased my AcuRite 03168 Thermometer about 3 years ago, and have used it about 30-40 times since in both the kitchen oven and in an outdoor smoker/grill. I've been highly satisfied with the results, as it's finally allowed me to accurately cook beef and pork roasts and large poultry to the desired level of doneness. The pager has proven to be a significant feature, as it allowed me to put my attention on other parts of a meal (or even other chores around the house) without fear of losing track of what's going on in the oven or grill.

    Last night, though, the probe failed part-way through grilling a roast--yep, the dreaded HH failure. I wasn't aware of this issue until I scanned the Amazon reviews, so it caught me a bit off-guard. It was a bit disappointing to have what still felt like a new tool fail on me, particularly as I had always carefully cleaned and stored the probe as designed. I wasn't that thrilled to find that a replacement probe from the manufacturer cost $10 (including shipping), either.

    So why is this a 4-star review? After looking at the big picture, I realized the following:

    * I bought an inexpensive tool with a 1-year warranty that lasted me at least a full 3 years without a problem. Considering the lack of longevity built into the cheap electronic devices nowadays, that's about as good as I can reasonably expect.

    * The probe and wire are detachable; as they are the single most likely point of failure in the system, this makes sense--the probe and wire are exposed to extremely high temperatures. If they hadn't been so easily replaceable, then I'd really have something to gripe about.

    * With a replacement cost of the probe of $10 and an original price of $28, comparing this unit to the next-least-expensive cooking thermometer with a remote feature at $60 (the Maverick ET732; it has a large remote receiver, not a small, wearable pager; the latter makes more sense to me) means that I can afford to replace the probe 3 times before I break even--and that assumes that the probe on that $58 unit lasts as long as 4 probes on this one. Since the probes on the two units look identical (and that's true of almost every unit sold on Amazon in this price range; I wouldn't be surprised if they're all made by the same Chinese manufacturer), it's likely that the other unit's probe won't make it any longer than the probe on the AcuRite did. I'm probably still coming out ahead, even if I had to replace a probe every year (which I probably won't, since I don't use the thermometer that frequently).

    So if you're cooking/grilling every week and want a thermometer that will last you several years without any failures or need for replacement parts, then by all means look for something that costs 4-5x what this unit does--it *may* be worth it to you (but I'd still recommend that you take a close look at the probe and wire assembly, to see if it looks any better that what comes with the AcuRite). For me, this thermometer makes sense, even if I do have to consider the probe to be a consumable item that's going to need occasional replacement. Over time, I'm still going to have saved money and enjoyed the benefits of cooking to temperature rather than by time.

  4. Great For Baking Bread! review by Colonel B on 9/21/2012

    I've been using one for nearly three years without a hiccup. I primarily stick it in a loaf of bread I'm baking so that I don't have to "read the crust", like you're supposed to. I've used the pager several times and it always worked well. My probe failed this week, so I'm looking for a new one, but it's really been a great and taken a lot of abuse!

  5. Accurate, Simple Cooking review by Robert R on 6/14/2012

    Thermometer unit has kitchen timer and temp sensing. Temp probe helped me deliver the best BBQ chicken I have ever grilled, perfectly cooked. Cooked NY steak the next night, perfect medium. Pager unit works well everywhere in my house and yard (~5500 sq feet lot). Love this thing and will be buying another for family!

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