Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day 2017 is the perfect time to give thanks for all the great things our dads do for us. If you’re looking for gift ideas for Dad, your best bet is to pick products he is going to use and enjoy for years to come.

AcuRite offers a wide selection of unique Father’s Day gifts that are sure to please. Whether your dad is interested in fishing, golf, home improvement, hiking, gardening, or just enjoys watching the weather, look to AcuRite for the best Father’s Day gifts.

BARBECUE – If Dad loves to grill, AcuRite’s cooking gadgets are worth a look.

  • The AcuRite Digital Meat Thermometer & Timer with Pager takes the guesswork out of serving the perfect steak or chicken breast. Includes presets for USDA-recommended temperatures, plus AcuRite’s patent-pending algorithms that give you a reliable estimate of time left to cook. The wireless pager lets Dad step away from the grill, knowing he’ll get an alert when the desired temperature is reached.
  • AcuRite’s Digital Instant Read Thermometer with Folding Probe lets Dad quickly check the temperature of his award-winning chili, roast, or other meals. It has a foldable design for storage and is NSF safety certified.
  • One secret to grilling success is maintaining the proper heat of your charcoal or propane grill. The AcuRite Stainless Steel Grill Surface Thermometer offers pinpoint accuracy, so Dad can achieve the perfect sear on his burgers.

Need more gift ideas for dad? Check out AcuRite’s Kitchen Gadgets section.

OUTDOOR ACTIVITiES – Any time Dad ventures outside, you can help him stay ahead of the weather with these unique Father’s Day gifts.

    • The AcuRite Hunting and Fishing Activity Meter with Weather Forecaster ensures Dad won’t miss out on perfect conditions. Thanks to special algorithms that take into account variables like barometric pressure and moon phase, it can tell dad when fish are likely to be biting, or when the deer should be more active. It’s also great for use as a basic weather station.
    • AcuRite’s Portable Anemometer is a handheld unit that accurately measures temperature, humidity, and wind. It’s perfect for the tech-savvy dad who boats, flies drones, golfs, or simply enjoys the outdoors. It’s also handy for a variety of home improvement projects, such as measuring the efficiency of a heating and cooling system.
    • The Outdoor Preparedness Kit with NOAA Weather Radio and Lightning Detector can help keep Dad safe on his adventures into the woods or on the lake. Featuring two portable, easy-to-use devices, the kit keeps him aware and updated on dangerous conditions, even when out of cell phone range. In addition, if Dad likes to coach sports, both devices are great for helping to keep the team out of harm’s way.

WEATHER – AcuRite weather stations are great gift ideas for Dad since they help him confidently make more informed decisions when planning his day. In addition to that, watching the weather is fun!

      • The Weather Station with Rain Gauge and Lightning Detector gives Dad all the information he needs to keep his lawn green and lush. For starters, it includes a digital rain gauge that tracks rainfall totals over the previous 48 hours, week, month, and year, helping him know how much to run the sprinklers. Dependable weather forecasts and readings of current conditions help him plan all sorts of outdoor activities, while the integrated lightning detector lets him know when it’s better to spend the day inside.
      • The AcuRite Color Display & 5-in-1 Weather Environment System with PC Connect and My AcuRite lets Dad keep tabs on his backyard environment with his phone, tablet, or favorite web browser. Using the new My AcuRite platform, he can also set email and text message alerts to let him know when conditions require his attention, such as high winds or insufficient rainfall. The system is also expandable, so Dad can choose to add indoor environment monitoring, water leak detection, liquid/soil temperature monitoring, and more.

Visit AcuRite.com for more unique Father’s Day gifts.

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