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My AcuRite’s smartphone app, tablet and browser-based
interface helps you stay connected to what matters most.
View your environmental conditions from work, on vacation
or from your favorite chair.

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Stay Connected. Know What's Happening at Home, From Anywhere.

Air Temperature & Humidity Icon - AcuRite Weather Monitoring

Temperature & Humidity

Track outdoor climate conditions or monitor indoor comfort.
UV Index - AcuRite Weather Monitoring

UV Index

Know when to put on sunscreen and adjust your afternoon plans when sun exposure reaches potentially dangerous levels.
Light Intensity - AcuRite Weather Monitoring

Light Intensity

Manage your garden around actual light conditions in your location.
Lightning Detection - AcuRite Weather Monitoring

Lightning Detection

Be aware of the presence of lightning before it can be seen or heard.
Rainfall Icon- AcuRite Weather Monitoring


Know when to water the lawn or garden, or when it's time to shut off the sprinkler.
Wind Speed & Direction Icon - AcuRite Weather Monitoring

Wind Tracking

Track wind speeds, directional changes and wind gusts.
Weather Forecast Icon - AcuRite Weather Monitoring

Weather Forecast

Hourly and daily forecast details allow you to plan ahead.
Just Ask Alexa- AcuRite Weather Monitoring

Just Ask Alexa

Even if your hands are full, get details about specific current hyperlocal conditions with Amazon Alexa integration.
My AcuRite - Dashboard - AcuRite Weather Monitoring
My AcuRite - Custom Alerts - AcuRite Weather Monitoring

Set Custom Alerts.

Receive an email or phone alert when environmental conditions change and need your attention.

Learn about setting up custom alerts.

Wind icon - AcuRite Weather Monitoring

Wind Gust & Wind Chill

Know when to bring patio furniture inside, take hanging plants down, or grab a warmer coat.
High temperature icon - AcuRite Weather Monitoring

High & Low Temperature

Get an early warning when conditions exceed an ideal range, so you can take protective action.
Rainfall icon - AcuRite Weather Monitoring

Rain Alert

Become aware of conditions that could lead to flooding, or when the garden needs watering.
UV Index Alerts - AcuRite Weather Monitoring

UV Index

Take proper precautions when UV exposure reaches dangerous levels to reduce risk of sun burn, eye damage, and skin cancer per EPA guidelines.
Lighting Detection - AcuRite Weather Monitoring


Get notified when nearby lightning is detected, long before you can hear thunder from the oncoming storm.
And more icon - AcuRite Weather Monitoring

And More

There’s practically no limit to the ways you can use My AcuRite alerts to your advantage.

View Historical Data

Charts, graphs, high and low records, and more. All the information you need to make an educated decision. Downloadable for serious number crunching.

Charts & Graphs Icon - AcuRite Weather Monitoring

Charts & Graphs

Intuitive presentation of data. Recognize trends, and pinpoint times of day when conditions require your attention.
Data File Icon - AcuRite Weather Monitoring

Exportable History

Download all your weather data in convenient spreadsheet form.
High & Low Records Icon - AcuRite Weather Monitoring

High & Low Records

Know if conditions exceed proper ranges, even when you’re not there.
Dynamic Dashboard Icon - AcuRite Weather Monitoring

12 Hour Trends

Get a clear look at changing conditions by viewing convenient 12 hour trend charts on the My AcuRite website dashboard.
My AcuRite - Android Charts - AcuRite Weather Monitoring

Works with your smart speaker for a hands-free experience.

When paired with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, AcuRite Wi-Fi Weather Stations allow for My AcuRite voice-control.
Hey Google  or Hey Alexa
"Ask my AcuRite for the UV Index."
Works with Alexa - AcuRite Home Monitoring
My AcuRite Skill
for Amazon Alexa
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Works with Google - AcuRite Home Monitoring
AcuRite App
for Google Assistant
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Our newest Wi-Fi displays offer direct-to-My AcuRite for those who want to monitor their weather data from anywhere. The My AcuRite mobile app and desktop website give you everything you need to know about your outdoor environment.

atlas and iris sensor
AcuRite Atlas or AcuRite Iris
wi-fi display
Wi-Fi Direct to My AcuRite Display
my acurite computer and phone apps
The My AcuRite App

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Stay informed of changing conditions in and around your home. My AcuRite allows you to monitor the areas you care about most, from anywhere, at anytime, with any device.

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