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Go Ahead, Flex Your Green Thumb

Better tend to your lawn, increase your annual harvest, and save money on your water bill by monitoring your yard and garden with an IoT garden monitoring system. Easily track and understand your garden's conditions using the My AcuRite® App.

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Experience the Benefits of Smart Gardening

Always Know Optimal Growing Conditions and When to Water Your Garden.

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Grow a Healthy Garden

From soil temperature to exact temperature at crop height, optimize your garden and plant health with minute-by-minute updates on changing conditions.

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Understand Optimal Harvest Time

Strong winds, flooding, and extreme temperatures are dangerous for both young plants and established fruit trees. Stay ahead of changing conditions to prevent long-term damage.

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Save Water

Whether you're dealing with a drought or flood, know when to increase or decrease your watering amount. Plus, in the heat of summer, your plants may need an extra daily drink of water.

Improve Your Garden From Within with IoT Garden Monitoring.
Add an AcuRite Access® to get access to the My AcuRite App for remote monitoring.

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Accurate Rain Gauge

From rainfall rate to rainfall totals, know exactly how much water your lawn, garden, and yard has received to adjust watering cycles as necessary. Your plants and your wallet will thank you.

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Multi-Area Monitoring

Able to monitor everything from your fruit trees in the backyard to the vegetables in your raised beds, the portable wireless sensors can be moved around wherever and whenever you need.

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Add Up to 7 Sensors

The AcuRite Access expands your garden monitoring capabilities, from crop temperature to indoor home monitoring and weather tracking.

Tracking Rainfall with a Rain Gauge

Old-School or New

Own your local rainfall from anywhere with connected rain sensors that provide you with real-time data on your My AcuRite mobile app, or take advantage of the easy-to-read magnified displays and decorative styles to track rainfall with a rain gauge in your garden.

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Introduce Your Garden to:

AcuRite Atlas®

With all the bells and whistles, this weather station includes all of the basic sensors, plus add-ons and upgrades to maximize your weather monitoring experience to improve your garden care. Gardeners can rely on the increased accuracy of the AcuRite Atlas to maintain and enhance garden health by tracking heavy rainfall to avoid soggy soil, assessing UV index that boosts photosynthesis, and tracking wind speed to protect fragile plants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A digital garden monitor gives you increased rainfall accuracy over a traditional rain gauge. With the connected sensor updating in real time and reporting to My AcuRite, you have the added convenience of checking rain measurements from anywhere, with the ability to enable alerts that notify you when conditions exceed your ideal threshold.

With an IoT garden monitor, you can check your garden conditions from anywhere. With the connected sensor reporting to My AcuRite, you have the added convenience of checking on your garden's health, whether you're home or away.

Watering your plants depends on many factors, from rainfall to temperature, humidity, and even wind speeds! Learn how to save money on your water bill by reading more about the best time to water plants and the signs of overwatering.

A rain gauge (and ideally a weather station!) is essential for a healthy garden. Knowing the exact amount of rainfall your garden receives can make gardening easier and even save you money by reducing the cost of your water bill! By knowing how much rain falls on your plants, you'll know exactly how much moisture your soil absorbs, enabling you to make informed decisions about your gardening habits.

Soil is great at filtering out any pollutants brought to your garden by rainwater. Wherever you live, rainwater is a great way to water your garden and save you money on your water bill. By getting a rain gauge and monitoring the soil with a pH meter, AcuRite garden sensors can help you optimize your garden and lawn health.

Plants require sunlight (ultraviolet light) to grow, although this differs from plant to plant. From partial or direct sun to shady environments, always read the recommendations (and our UV Planting Guide) for each specific plant before deciding on its permanent location in your backyard. The AcuRite Atlas monitors UV index and light intensity, helping you identify the best plants for your location.

Different plants require different amounts of sun, and it can vary from direct sunlight to partial sunlight. For example, a tomato plant needs at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight a day. Always read the recommendations (and our UV Planting Guide) for each specific plant before planting in its permanent location. The AcuRite Atlas is equipped with a UV index and light intensity sensor, helping you identify which plants are best suited for planting at your location.

Plant success and garden health significantly depend on weather conditions. Because weather varies by region, it's important to know when to plant both plants and flowers based on your climate. You can gain insight into your hyperlocal weather conditions with the AcuRite Atlas weather station.

Whether you're working on an herb or a vegetable garden, AcuRite garden sensors can help you optimize your garden and improve your soil conditions. Knowing the exact weather and soil conditions (both pH information and moisture readings) in your backyard gives you the tools to monitor changing conditions in real time. Rain gauges help you understand how much rain fell on your garden and lawn, while soil moisture meters keep you updated on the amount of moisture your plants are receiving. For knowing optimal planting conditions, soil pH meters keep you aware of the acidity of your soil. Once you know your hyperlocal weather and soil conditions, then you can identify ideal flowers, herbs, plants, and vegetables that will grow well in your region!

Usually, once or twice per week would be good, but you can use an AcuRite digital rain gauge to help you determine just how much water your garden has received!

You might wonder why your backyard rain measurements are essential for your garden and home, but maybe you first need to better understand the various ways to measure rainfall.

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