Guide: Soil pH Recommendations and Tips for Fruits, Vegetables, Trees, and Shrubs

Guide: Soil pH Recommendations and Tips for Fruits, Vegetables, Trees, and Shrubs

General Soil pH Information & Tips

The pH of soil directly affects nutrient availability to plants. Plants thrive in different soil pH ranges, but readings outside 4 to 8 are uncommon. Some plant species are tolerant of wider pH ranges, but most prefer a neutral soil with pH levels falling within the 6 to 7 range.

soil pH from acidic (3.5) to alkaline (9)

Increasing Soil pH

A common practice is to apply finely ground agricultural limestone. Depending on your soil type, different amounts of limestone will be required to adjust the soil pH value.

Decreasing Soil pH

Adding organic material such as highly acidic sphagnum peat moss will lower soil pH. Introducing elemental sulfur (90 or 99% sulfur material) or acidifying fertilizers such as ammonium sulfate with repeated use can also reduce soil pH.

Recommended Soil pH Ranges

The plants listed in this guide represent commonly found species. Consult a local horticulture professional for more specific details on plants not found on this list. Click the images to view larger.

Recommended soil pH ranges - vegetables Recommended soil pH ranges - trees and shrubs Recommended soil pH ranges - fruits

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Threasa F
June 11, 2020
Hi, your charts for soil PH on vegetables, shrubs, trees, fruits are wonderful. Do you make a printable copy or publish a book that has them within? I have just purchased a soil PH meter and having a quick list would be handy.. thanks for any help.
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June 11, 2020
We do not have a book but these charts may be printed!
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