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Current Weather Events

Winter Solstice 2019

By Kari Strenfel
December 18, 2019

Learn how to use personal weather station data and the My AcuRite weather app to track historical high and low temperatures, and other winter solstice weather trends in your local area. Check UV and light sensor data using the Atlas weather station.

Winter Weather Awareness

By Kari Strenfel
December 4, 2019

Prepare for winter weather by building a weather safety kit and tracking weather conditions in your area using an AcuRite weather station.

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

By AcuRite Team
June 3, 2019
According to the latest research, modern dads see parenting as central to their identity: 57% of fathers surveyed said so, which was awfully close to the 58% of mothers who did.

Summer Solstice – Monitor and share your hours of daylight!

By AcuRite Team
May 30, 2019
Now you can monitor the hours of daylight you receive on the longest day of the year!

Mother’s Day: Three Easy Ideas for Treating Mom Right

By AcuRite Team
May 7, 2019
Let’s get this straight: moms do an insane amount of work. Long days, which turn into long weeks, which turn into 18+ years of care, nurture, feeding, cleaning