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Groundhog Day Explained - Weather forecasting rodent

Everything You Should Know About Groundhog Day

January 27, 2022

So how did this Groundhog Day thing get started?!

Father lifting daughter on his shoulders

6 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Weather, Outdoor, and Grilling Enthusiasts

Whether he's a weather nerd, grill master, or just likes to be in the know, give the dad in your life some neat — and helpful — AcuRite technology!

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Celebrate Earth Day by Learning More About the Weather

April 16, 2021
Planet Earth is an amazing and fascinating place. The only planet known to sustain life, Earth’s unique atmosphere is made up primarily of nitrogen and oxygen. Acting like a big blanket of protection, these gases, along with carbon dioxide and ozone, regulate our planet’s climate and weather patterns.
Winter Solstice 2019

Winter Solstice 2019

Learn how to use personal weather station data and the My AcuRite weather app to track historical high and low temperatures, and other winter solstice weather trends in your local area. Check UV and light sensor data using the Atlas weather station.

Winter Weather Awareness

Winter Weather Awareness

Prepare for winter weather by building a weather safety kit and tracking weather conditions in your area using an AcuRite weather station.