The Best Thing About Weather Stations

The Best Thing About Weather Stations
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The Best Thing About Weather Stations

Scioto County Storm Chaser Center has two weather stations set up in two different locations within about 2 miles from each other. At the Scioto County Storm Chaser Center’s main headquarters, I have an AcuRite Atlas® Weather Station and at the Scioto County Storm Chaser Center’s second location, I have an AcuRite Iris® Weather Station. I just upgraded the headquarters’ weather station a few months ago from an Iris 5-in-1 to an Atlas 7-in-1. 

I like how the Atlas weather station is made to where you can take the anemometer off and put it up to 32 feet up in the air where it should be from the ground. In that setup, you get a better reading of temperature and wind speed. I have always been crazy about weather since I was about 11 or 12 years old. Back in about 2006 I got my first weather station at Lowe’s, which was an AcuRite model 594W.

I like the fact that I can see what the conditions were by going to the Weather Underground website and checking the daily history of the weather conditions. This really helps a lot when there has been a severe storm with high winds that did a lot of damage, and I will have accurate data that could help people to find out how fast the winds got for that day. And it is a great tool to see what the highs and lows were of the past days.

The best thing about the Atlas weather station is that you get the ground level temperature, humidity, heat index, wind chill, pressure, etc. And if you put the anemometer up 32 feet in the air like you are supposed to, you get the best reading of the wind speed.

I believe that having weather stations that you can access online are good tools for everyone in your community or other locations. Newscasts use weather station data taken from the local airports. If you have ever noticed on the temperature weather maps on the news those temperatures are from the local airports in that area. AcuRite weather stations provide you with the most local weather condition data. 

Main Headquarters Weather Station Link: 

Portsmouth Weather Station Link:

Gregory B. Syroney is the President of the Scioto County Storm Chaser Center and an avid storm chaser. 

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January 15, 2024
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