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What People Are Saying About AcuRite Atlas

By AcuRite Team
May 20, 2022

You spoke, we listened! Our Beta and Field Testers helped us make the most reliable and accurate weather station possible. Here’s what they had to say about AcuRite Atlas!

UAMS Continues To Use AcuRite Weather Stations For Campus Safety

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By Sgt. Will Brents, UAMS Police Department
April 27, 2022

This campus police department uses data from AcuRite weather stations to help keep campus staff and students safe year-round. Here’s an update on their winter weather conditions, captured by their AcuRite weather sensors.

Father Uses AcuRite Products to Help Grow Medical Cannabis for Son's Epilepsy

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By James Ziegler, Proud Father and Medical Cannabis Grower
April 12, 2022

This medical cannabis grower uses AcuRite sensors to improve daily operations, increase crop yield, and in the end, is able to help keep his son’s seizures under control.

Kenosha County Fire Department Takes AcuRite on the Go

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By Lieutenant Steven Brzezinski, Kenosha County Specialized Response Team
January 21, 2022

The Kenosha County specialized response team knows that inclement weather has the power to make or break a rescue — that’s why they bring their AcuRite weather station to every job, so they can be up to speed on the current weather conditions, as well as everything that’s coming their way. Read more about it here.

Pennsylvania Fire Station Uses AcuRite Weather Instruments to Help Protect Community

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By Dan O'Donoghue, First Lieutenant, Duquesne Annex VFC
December 21, 2021

From flooding alerts to tracking temperature extremes, the Duquesne Annex Volunteer Fire Company takes advantage of their AcuRite Atlas weather station to improve their daily operations and keep the community safe throughout the year. Find out more about it here!