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Who Uses AcuRite

AcuRite Helps Severn Fire Department Mitigate Flooding

Posted in: Who Uses AcuRite
By Kari Strenfel
January 23, 2020

A fire department in North Carolina tracks weather conditions using the Atlas™ Weather Station & AcuRite Access. By monitoring storm progression, rainfall & temperature remotely in real time they can mitigate flood damage to keep the community safe.

Maritime Weather Group in Canada Prefers AcuRite!

Posted in: Who Uses AcuRite
By Kari Strenfel
January 16, 2020

Canadian weather tracking group uses the AcuRIte Atlas weather stations to create a mobile storm hunting vehicle, monitoring severe weather conditions such as lightning detection, and providing real-time local weather data to the public.

Stillpoint School Installs AcuRite Atlas™ with Lightning Detection!

By Teachers at Stillpoint School
January 9, 2020

The AcuRite Atlas weather station can help schools to predict local weather conditions for student safety or provide educational opportunities for weather trends such as humidity, rainfall, lightning detection and more.

American Red Cross and AcuRite

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By Ron Leffler, American Red Cross - Romeoville, Illinois
January 6, 2020

The American Red Crosses uses the AcuRite Atlas Weather Station to monitor local weather conditions and respond to natural disasters. My AcuRite access provides remote monitoring capabilities from multiple devices.

Outdoor Classrooms Learn with AcuRite

By Educators at Jack and Jill’s House Preschool
December 16, 2019

A Washington preschool transitioned to an outdoor classrom setting using the AcuRite Atlas™ Weather Station. The wireless tool measures wind speed, rainfall and temperature to help them learn gardening and other science subjects.

Cullman Weather Authority uses AcuRite

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By Weather Forecasters at Cullman Weather Authority
December 9, 2019

Learn how this local weather group uses real-time weather data to warn the community of severe weather and dangerous conditions. Cullman Weather Authority employs the AcuRite Atlas™ Weather Station to track wind speed, temperature, and rainfall.

Keep Your Community Safe with AcuRite Atlas™

By Emergency Management Agency, Village of Crete
November 25, 2019

Learn how this small community uses AcuRite weather data to prepare and respond when weather data is a threat.

Stewart Elementary Learns About Weather!

Posted in: Who Uses AcuRite
By Teachers at Stewart Elementary
November 20, 2019

An AcuRite Atlas™ installed early in the 2019/ 2020 school year helps guide lesson plans for the entire school year!

Lindbo Landing Marina uses AcuRite Atlas™

Posted in: Who Uses AcuRite
By AcuRite Team
August 29, 2019
Learn how an AcuRite Atlas™ weather station is critical for a marina owner on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota.

How Welty Environmental Center Uses AcuRite Atlas™

Posted in: Who Uses AcuRite
By AcuRite Team
August 20, 2019
Learn how an environmental center in Beloit, Wisconsin uses AcuRite to keep campers and visitors safe, while also incorporating meteorology lesson plans into their nature programs.