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Girl Scout Horse Camp uses AcuRite

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By Carol Coats - Equestrian Manager | Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee
April 7, 2020

Girl Scouts use the Atlas Weather Station to track weather conditions at a Tennessee horse camp to keep camp visitors and horses safe from dangerous rainfall, lightning strikes, and freezing temperatures.

Garden Together at Home with AcuRite and KidsGardening

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By KidsGardening Staff
April 6, 2020

AcuRite and KidsGardening, a nonprofit organization, teamed up to teach kids how to garden at home with their parents. AcuRite provided refurbished weather stations to assist kids with tracking weather data crucial to growing a healthy garden.

Camp at Pikes Peak Installs AcuRite Atlas™

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By Scout Leaders at Pikes Peak
April 1, 2020

Boy Scout troops at the Pikes Peak Glen Aspen Scout Ranch use AcuRite’s Atlas weather station to ensure safety on the property, including lightning strikes, wind speed, temperature trends and other weather conditions.

Weather Data Keeps Chinchillas Safe | AcuRite Weather Technology

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By Nela Chinchilla Rescue
March 23, 2020

To ensure living conditions are safe and comfortable, the Northeast Louisiana Chinchilla Rescue uses indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the facility. A weather station outside forecasts potentially dangerous storm conditions.

School Garden Club relies on AcuRite Atlas™

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By Teacher at Butler Catholic School
March 7, 2020

The AcuRite ATLAS Weather Station can provide useful weather data for science lessons in the classroom or unique gardening club applications. Students learn how to measure temperature, rainfall, wind speed, humidity, and more.

A School’s Greenhouse Depends on AcuRite!

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By Alison Weems, Mackintosh Academy Littleton
February 28, 2020

Learn how one school uses AcuRite sensors to improve growing conditions in their greenhouse, but also builds out lesson plans in math and science classes to analyze the data!

Amateur Radio Group Uses AcuRite

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By The Sarasota Emergency Radio Club
February 24, 2020

Amatuer radio operators (HAM radio operators) use advanced weather stations and National Weather Service data to track and share weather reports and stay updated on severe weather.

Backyard Ice Rinks and AcuRite

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By John Greco – CoFounder, Facebook Group Backyard Ice Rinks
February 18, 2020

Weather tools such as a home weather station can help you track low temperatures, snowfall, and other weather conditions to create backyard ice rink. The Atlas Weather Station measures humidity, temperature, wind, rainfall, light intensity and more.

Pink Hill Elementary Learns About the Weather

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By Teachers at Pink Hill Elementary
February 11, 2020

The AcuRite Atlas Weather Station and AcuRite Access remote monitoring weather device helped a local elementary school understand weather patterns, monitor daily temperatures, graph weather trend data and make weather predictions.

AcuRite Helps Severn Fire Department Mitigate Flooding

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By Kari Strenfel
January 23, 2020

A fire department in North Carolina tracks weather conditions using the Atlas™ Weather Station & AcuRite Access. By monitoring storm progression, rainfall & temperature remotely in real time they can mitigate flood damage to keep the community safe.