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Sneak Peek Part 1! New Weather Station Displays Coming Soon!

By AcuRite Team
August 5, 2022

What’s more exciting than new products? Well, maybe winning the lottery, but still — New products are exciting! Whether you’re a weather nerd, outdoor enthusiast, avid gardener, or just looking to optimize your home, we are happy to give you an exclusive sneak peek at new AcuRite products that will be available at various retailers or soon.

How To Survive Spring Allergy Season

By Steve LaNore, Certified Broadcast Meteorologist
May 9, 2022

13 Ways To Get Rid of Allergies With Indoor Air Quality

By AcuRite Team
April 25, 2022

Mold, dust mite, cockroaches, pollen, pets and dry air can cause indoor air quality problems. Improve air quality using room monitors with sensors to measure temperature, humidity and other home devices to control allergy symptoms.

Guide: Soil Moisture Recommendations for Flowers, Plants, and Vegetables

By AcuRite Team
March 18, 2022

Whether your plants are indoors or outside in your garden, knowing the moisture level of the soil is essential.

How Indoor Humidity Levels Impact Our Health

By AcuRite Team
December 16, 2021

Learn how humidity levels in your home can affect the health of your home and the health of your family. Dry or poor air quality can be damaging to your skin, while high humidity levels can be damaging to wood and other items in your home.