Why Weather Matters

What People Are Saying About AcuRite Atlas

By AcuRite Team
May 20, 2022

You spoke, we listened! Our Beta and Field Testers helped us make the most reliable and accurate weather station possible. Here’s what they had to say about AcuRite Atlas!

How To Survive Spring Allergy Season

By Steve LaNore, Certified Broadcast Meteorologist
May 9, 2022

5 Ways to Make Garden and Lawn Care Easier

Posted in: Why Weather Matters
By AcuRite Team
May 4, 2022

Use AcuRite's gardening tools to improve your green thumb. Measure rain fall one of our rain gauges, plant a soil thermometer to determine soil conditions, and mount a variety of devices in your yard to track temperature and humidity.

What Causes Droughts and How To Weather One

By AcuRite Team
May 2, 2022

The United Nations classifies drought as a natural hazard that has affected more people in the last 40 years than any other natural hazard. Find out what causes droughts and what they impact, and learn some tips to prepare your home and garden to weather one.

How Does Wind Control Ocean Currents? A Look at Gyres

By AcuRite Team
April 19, 2022

What are gyres, and how does wind affect ocean currents? Check out this explanation of ocean gyres and how they form. It's just one more example of how amazingly interconnected our world is.