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What’s New in My AcuRite

The My AcuRite experience has been built to connect you to your home environment from anywhere, notifying you when conditions change so that you can protect your family, home and investments. With the My AcuRite platform, we’ve improved the reporting dashboard and added new functionality to charting, alerts and notifications, and data exporting. We’ve also added compatibility with our newest Room and Outdoor Monitors and their add-on wired sensors.

New features and enhancements include:

  • An upgraded current conditions dashboard with 12-hour trend charts.
    Select any of your sensor readings for quick access to charts and details on that reading.
  • Integrated five (5) day and 36-hour weather forecast specific to your location.
    My Acurite screenshot 5-day forecast
  • Expanded charting and graphing of historical trends
    User-friendly charts provide up to a month of your personal data. Easily download all of your data in five (5) minute intervals to your PC to preserve your historical information.
  • A new alerts engine for creating custom alerts about conditions you want to track.
    My AcuRite screenshot alert creation
  • Expanded smartHUB sensor capacity to 10 indoor and outdoor monitoring sensors.
  • New My AcuRite mobile apps for iPhone and Android smartphones as well as the iPad. 
  • Improved weather sharing community, allowing you to follow other users and see whose following you. My Acurite screenshot sharing
  • Rapid Fire updates to Weather Underground.

Have any feedback or suggestions for future enhancements and features? We’d love to hear about it. Send us an email at myacuritefeedback@chaney-inst.com.