AcuRite Announces Top-5 Holiday Tech Gifts for 2016

With New Lightning Alert Weather Stations and Smart Home Environmental Monitoring Systems, AcuRite Gifts Will Thrill Gadget and Weather Lovers on Your Gift Shopping List

Lake Geneva, WI, August 9, 2016 – AcuRite®, the leader in weather monitoring products, is happy to announce new gift ideas that are perfect for tech-savvy 2016 holiday gift guides. AcuRite products cater to the hard-to-shop-for, technology enthusiasts, weather buffs…and everyone who loves functional and fun gadgets for the home. Following is a list of featured products:

1. Lightning Alert Weather Stations

Lightning detectors are valuable tools for knowing when to move the barbecue, picnic, or little league baseball team indoors, before the storm arrives.

AcuRite offers lightning detection in a variety of configurations. Products include a portable Lightning Detector with storm and lightning alerts, as well as full-featured weather stations that include rainfall tracking, wind speed and direction, and gorgeous high-definition digital displays – your personal in-home weather dashboard.

  • COMING SOON: Weather Station with Rain Gauge and Lightning Detector – $79.99 MSRP
  • COMING SOON: Professional Weather Station with Lightning Detection, Wind and Rain - $169.99 MSRP
  • COMING SOON: High Definition Weather Station with Lightning Detection, Wind and Rain - $189.99 MSRP
  • Portable Lightning Detector - $44.99 MSRP

2. “My AcuRite” Smart Home Environment Systems for Indoor Wellness and Comfort

Families need a way to monitor air quality, measure conditions that affect mold and allergens, and prevent environmental damage of their home and valuables, all while maintaining ideal indoor comfort.

A Smart Home Environment System with My AcuRite acts as your personal home assistant by tracking indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, detecting water leaks, helping prevent frozen pipes, and more. It can also send alerts to your phone, tablet, and computer when conditions require your immediate attention.

3. Decorative Clocks and Projection Alarm Clocks

AcuRite’s wide selection of indoor and outdoor clocks beautify any home, patio or garden.

AcuRite decorative clocks not only complement your home, they also feature reliable quartz movements. Outdoor models also provide useful information like temperature and humidity. Our newest model, the 24-inch Illuminated Clock, automatically lights up with an ambient glow in low-light conditions.

AcuRite projection alarm clocks conveniently shine the time or temperature on the wall or ceiling for easy bedtime viewing. Projection clock features include indoor and outdoor temperature, automatic adjustment for Daylight Saving Time, and even USB charging for your phone while you sleep.

Following are AcuRite’s gift list-worthy clocks:

4. Kitchen Gadgets

AcuRite also makes an array of cooking implements that will help the chef on your list deliver tasty treats. Whether your culinary gift recipients are into grilling, baking, or simply concerned with food safety, AcuRite has you covered. Here are AcuRite’s featured cooking gifts:

5. “My AcuRite” Weather Environment Systems

For the true weather enthusiast on your list, nothing beats an AcuRite Weather Environment System with My AcuRite.

AcuRite weather environment systems track rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. And by harnessing the power of the complimentary My AcuRite app, weather buffs can download and archive historical data, view trends and records, share data with weather communities and more, all from their computer or favorite mobile device. Following are some of AcuRite’s top-sellers:

Product samples, images and sell sheets are available upon request.

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