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1 Way to Monitor Them All

1 Way to Monitor Them All
Posted in: Why Weather Matters
By AcuRite Team
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1 Way to Monitor Them All

Monitor them all with the new AcuRite® Atlas™ weather station!

More accurate and reliable than weather reports from across town, you can quickly see your current conditions in real-time by glancing at the colorful indoor HD touchscreen display, or connect to My AcuRite from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop browser. AcuRite Atlas measures conditions in the mounted location, including lightning detection, temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, UV index, light intensity, and barometric pressure.

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AcuRite Atlas provides the tools you need to better understand your environment:

  • Temperature: Gives precise temperature and humidity information - even in direct sunlight!
  • Wind Speed: Reliably and Accurately measures wind speed and direction, professionally tested to withstand up to 160 mph winds.

  • Rain: The rain gauge collects rain via a wide-mouth collection container to maximize measurement accuracy, and emits rainfall automatically.

  • UV: The UV Index and Light Intensity sensors detect sun exposure and light conditions in your actual location

  • Info/ Setup: Setup is simple and easy with a tool-free installation, using a mounting knob that can be tightened around most pole sizes.

  • Battery Backup: Uses solar energy to help power the outdoor device when in direct sunlight, as well as run an aspirating fan that helps disperse radian heat and maximizes reading accuracy.

September 17, 2018