6 Ways Wind Affects Your Day

6 Ways Wind Affects Your Day

Learn about six ways wind affects your life:

1. Tree Damage:

Fallen tree on the roof of a home

Strong winds and wind gusts can cause damage to tree limbs, while gusts over 50 mph can topple shallow rooted trees. Stay ahead of the storm with an anemometer in your yard and try to keep your trees well maintained and trimmed. And because power outages often result from trees falling on power lines, an 8 to 10 foot clearance is recommended.

2. Property Damage:

Not only can uprooted trees or falling tree limbs damage structures on your property, but the winds themselves can cause damage. So, be prepared and receive alerts when the winds start to pick up! Damaging winds above 45 mph can cause minor damage to sheds, barns, roofs, and doors, but anything above 58 mph will likely remove shingles and awnings from houses and cause severe damage to mobile homes and carports.

3. Outdoor Furniture:

While mildly windy days may not be dangerous to your outdoor structures, they can definitely ruin the BBQ party or picnic table. It’s estimated that at winds above 13 mph papers are lifted and at 25 mph umbrellas become difficult to use. Monitor your backyard wind speed so you can close umbrellas and shades, and tie down cushions and furniture, to keep the party running smoothly.

4. Planning Outdoor Activities Around Wind and Wind Chill:

Children flying a kite outside on a clear day

Planning outdoor activities can really depend on the wind. In the summer, we worry if it's too windy for a bike ride or too breezy for the playground. Maybe a hike is a better option or take the kids to an indoor play structure. Alternatively in the winter, Wind Chill can allow for potentially dangerous conditions while ice skating, sledding or skiing. Try to keep your kids safe by bundling them up as much as possible to reduce the exposed skin and limit their outdoor time. Stay aware of the wind and Wind Chill to allow your family to remain healthy and active all year round!

5. Dangerous Road Conditions:

Strong winds can make for dangerous roads and travel conditions. Keep an eye out for downed trees and power lines or road closures, make sure to park in safe locations away from any power lines or weak tree limbs, and allow extra room for the car in front of you or any nearby bicycles, pedestrians, and large vehicles and busses.

6. Bad Hair Days:

Woman with hair blown across her face on a windy day

Bad hair days are not only affected by humidity, but also wind. Obviously a beautifully crafted up-do won’t stay in place while walking from the car to the event if strong winds are present. Be aware of extra windy days and get dropped off at the door to keep your locks in place. Sometimes the science of bad hair is just gone with the wind!

September 6, 2018
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