AcuRite Helps an Avid Auto Detailing Enthusiast Maintain Show Quality Cars and Trucks

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AcuRite Helps an Avid Auto Detailing Enthusiast Maintain Show Quality Cars and Trucks

Leonard O. enjoys detailing automobiles as a hobby. Known as “Red Xray” on popular auto detailing forums like, Leonard earned a reputation among his peers for restoring cars and trucks with older, neglected finishes to showroom (and even show car) quality. He plies his trade in a home garage that would make a NASCAR crew member jealous. And the fire-engine red GMC pickup truck he drives everyday showcases his ability to make a paint job truly shine.


Auto detailers rely on a wide array of products, such as waxes and cleaning solutions, costing hundreds of dollars. These products, unfortunately, are temperature sensitive. Freezing or extremely high temperatures causes separation, ruining the solutions.

Temperature also plays a role in the detailing process. If body panels are too warm, for example, some products will leave a streaked finish. This not only looks bad, but makes removable of the product difficult.

In addition, maintaining proper humidity levels helps prevent mold and mildew in the garage, and it’s better for the vehicle parked inside. Finally, extreme temperatures and humidity levels are uncomfortable to work in.


Leonard installed a basic AcuRite Indoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor, which he placed near his cleaning products. Later on he upgraded to an AcuRite Environment System with 3 Temperature and Humidity Sensors. This system lets him monitor multiple locations in and around his home, both on a digital display, and remotely using a smart phone, tablet or on a computer using a web browser.


Leonard said the system has benefited him on multiple levels.

“The weather, beyond personal comfort while working on vehicles affects how the products I use perform. I would say the most important factor the weather plays is the high and low temperature swings throughout the year,” Leonard said. “(The AcuRite system) helps me control the humidity in my garage (and) gives me confidence while I'm away that I can monitor the conditions inside my shop with the smart phone app.”

An added benefit of the system, Leonard said, is the environment system’s weather station capabilities.

“Just having the display on my desk, I know instantly the temp/humidity inside and outside, the time, date and even the moon phase!” Leonard said. “I also set up a personal weather station on Weather Underground. It's fun seeing my station on the online map with the other personal stations in the area.”

Leonard said he would recommend an AcuRite system to any serious auto detailer.

“I would advise them to buy a system like AcuRite to monitor their shop conditions, especially to monitor the area where they store their expensive detailing products,” Leonard said.

Electronic devices including a video recording device, home phone, smartphone and AcuRite Indoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor

I think it's a great system, I wish I knew about Acurite earlier!

Leonard O.

May 15, 2018
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