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Hey, Alexa, my current weather is simplified!

Hey, Alexa, my current weather is simplified!
By AcuRite Team November 26, 2018 2511 Views No comments

Not a moment to spare this hectic holiday season? While the AcuRite Access can’t cross things off your to-do list, we can save you time with a more flexible and faster way to get your environmental monitoring data with an Alexa upgrade.  

Several savvy AcuRite weather enthusiasts alerted us to their frustration of listening to a laundry list of sensor readings. Many suggested we unbundle those environmental sensor calculations and give Alexa the ability to provide specific readings upon request. Our development team thought that was a great idea and got right to work. The result? A slick new upgrade that gives end users the flexibility to get only the weather readings they ask for – both indoor and out, at home or away – upon voice command.

AcuRite Access

Go ahead and say “Hey, Alexa, ask My AcuRite for”:

  • My outdoor temperature
  • My wind chill
  • My lightning
  • My UV index
  • My rain
  • My barometric pressure

In addition to providing readings at your request, Alexa will also now notify you of any active alerts you have programmed. So if you monitor for freezing temperatures, excessive wind or rain, or lightning, Alexa can tell you which alerts have been triggered. Just say, “Alexa, ask My AcuRite for my alerts.” Also, indoor conditions can be monitored as well, so you’ll always know if the temperature and humidity levels in your home are just right.

AcuRite Access

Before you get totally swept up in holiday madness, enable your My AcuRite skill, rated four stars on Amazon and compatible with many AcuRite products, including the new AcuRite Atlas. As always, thank you for the feedback and we hope you enjoy the updates!