Home Monitoring Solutions

Home Monitoring Solutions

Home Monitoring Solutions

Home is more than where the heart is, it’s where your family sleeps and your pets play. Home is where you keep your most valuable possessions. Considering what your home means to you, it only makes sense that you monitor and maintain an indoor environment that is not only comfortable, but healthy too. Proper temperature and humidity levels in your home can also help protect your pets, plants, collectibles, musical instruments, and artwork, not to mention your house’s structure and fixtures. AcuRite’s indoor environment monitoring products provide valuable insights into your indoor climate and let you know when you need to take action.

Home comfort and wellness – be happy and healthy

Indoor temperature and humidity play a leading role in comfort, as well as indoor air quality. Too much heat and humidity can result in mold and an array of allergens. Too dry, and that can lead to itchy, cracked skin, plus sinus problems. AcuRite indoor monitoring products give you the information you need to keep your home at the proper levels.


AcuRite indoor temperature and humdity monitor on a kitchen counter


Preserving your house and valuable possessions – protect your biggest investment

Maintaining proper indoor humidity and temperature levels not only enhances comfort and wellness but can also help preserve your home’s structure and valuable possessions. Mold from too much heat and humidity can damage floor joists, subfloors, drywall, not to mention books, artwork, and other valuables. Dry air, on the other hand, can wreak havoc on woodwork, furniture, and musical instruments like acoustic guitars. Early detection of water leaks, meanwhile, can give you time to prevent serious damage and repair bills. You can trust AcuRite indoor temperature and humidity monitoring products, and our water leak detectors to give you the information you need to help safeguard your home.

Ensuring proper food storage – enjoy safe and delicious meals

Based on FDA recommendations, the refrigerator temperature should stay below 40° F (4° C) and the freezer temperature should be 0° F (-18° C) to help prevent spoilage and foodborne illness. Ensuring temperatures don’t drop too far below recommended levels can help you conserve energy. AcuRite refrigerator thermometers and freezer thermometers provide reliable information to help you maintain the optimum appliance settings.

Caring for animals – they’re not just pets, they’re family

Many animals, particularly reptiles, birds, and exotic fish, are sensitive to heat and humidity. More to the point, an environment that is comfortable for you may lead to sickness (or worse) for your scaled and/or feathered friends. AcuRite environment monitoring products let you keep tabs on humidity, air temperature, and liquid temperature, helping you maintain a healthy and comfortable terrarium, cage, or tank for your pets.


AcuRite home monitoring


Caring for indoor plants – it should be easy being green

Indoor plants have been said to benefit your health and wellbeing. Studies have suggested they can positively affect things like carbon dioxide levels, humidity, indoor pollutant levels, airborne dust, and even temperatures. AcuRite environment monitoring products can help you return the favor by keeping your plants happy and healthy. Products include soil temperature monitoring, as well as precision measurements of air temperature and humidity.

February 14, 2018
James Taylor
September 28, 2020
Hello I was wondering if my AcuRite can be seen in Apple HomeKit? Also is there a widget for AcuRite on an IPhone?
AcuRite Team
September 29, 2020
AcuRite products are not compatible with Apple HomeKit and there is not a My AcuRite Widget for Apple devices at this time, but we appreciate your feedback and will certainly pass along your requests!
October 4, 2020
Any plans to support a Google home widget that is available when Google home language is set to other North American languages (French, english) ?
AcuRite Team
October 5, 2020
Thank you for your feedback, we will certainly pass along your request to the appropriate parties!
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