Keep Your Community Safe with AcuRite Atlas™

Crete Illinois, founded 1836

Keep Your Community Safe with AcuRite Atlas™

The Village of Crete is located just south of Chicago, Illinois.  The Crete Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is tasked with keeping their residents safe and better prepared for severe weather as it pops up. Crete EMA recently installed an AcuRite Atlas™ Weather Station with Lightning Detection, to keep their first responders ready at a moment’s notice by providing them with up-to-the-minute and accurate weather conditions right from their own centrally located monitoring station.

AcuRite Atlas installed above building by Crete EMA
Close-up of AcuRite Atlas Weather Station

Our trained weather spotters are accustomed to being out during severe weather outbreaks, using their eyes and ears to watch for changing and impending weather. But with the addition of the Atlas Weather Station, it allows us the opportunity to monitor the precise weather conditions from our own local reporting station directly on our smartphones. By tracking the changes to the temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, and lighting strikes, we have a better view of the weather conditions coming our way. The HD Touchscreen Display was also installed at our Emergency Operations Center to keep our radio operator up to date on current conditions as well. We are prepared and notified of changing weather conditions through the emergency weather alerts and are better prepared to activate our outdoor warning sirens, if necessary.

The addition of these new AcuRite weather products has dramatically improved our capabilities. Not only can we provide a safer environment for our first responders, but we can also improve our severe weather preparedness and disaster relief efforts for the community. Our next step is getting our weather station linked to our Village of Crete website, so all of our residents can also benefit from our local weather information.

Thanks to AcuRite for continually providing quality and technologically advanced weather monitoring equipment to help us be better prepared for whatever mother nature sends our way.

Marty Braccio
Director - Emergency Management Agency, Village of Crete

For more information, visit the Village of Crete website or their Facebook page for updates on local events and activities.


AcuRite Atlas weather display sitting on video monitor
November 25, 2019
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