Launching Digital Rain Gauge with New Display!

Digital Rain Gauge with Display
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Launching Digital Rain Gauge with New Display!

The Digital Rain Gauge is a completely wireless sensor that has been updated with a new modern display with increased functionality. The rain gauge itself is still battery operated, self-emptying, easy to install with very little maintenance. It is still compatible with AcuRite Access™ for remote monitoring. The AcuRite Access™ allows you to check your rainfall data on a smartphone with the My AcuRite app or website.

Digital Rain Gauge

The wireless rain gauge collector has a strong signal and wirelessly transmits data up to 100 feet to the display, updating every 16 seconds. With user-friendly settings, you can easily cycle through historical data with rainfall totals for today, yesterday, or seven days. Meanwhile, the year-to-date and monthly rainfall totals remain displayed for convenience. Easily enable the rain alarm to notify you when specific rainfall accumulation thresholds are met. The alert is disabled by default, but the easy-to-use display allows you to setup rain alerts for 0.25 inch increments under 1 inch, increasing to 0.5 inch increments over 1 inch.

Stay updated on your garden and lawn health, as well as any flooding threats, with rainfall data updated every 16 seconds on the The Digital Rain Gauge. The new sleek design compliments any corner of your home. With the easy-to-read date and time, you’ll want the battery-operated indoor unit centrally located so even the kids can check if it’s too wet to play out back!

October 3, 2019
Anne Glover
October 17, 2019
Will freezing temperatures hurt this rain gauge? I brought it in last winter and missed it while waiting on spring to come.
AcuRite Team
October 17, 2019
We do recommend bringing the rain gauge inside during freezing temperatures. If water freezes inside the rain gauge, it can cause damage.
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