Lindbo Landing Marina uses AcuRite Atlas™

Lindbo Landing Marina
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Lindbo Landing Marina uses AcuRite Atlas™

We have truly benefited from the information provided by our AcuRite Atlas™ Weather Station with Lightning Detection. I never realized how vital weather monitoring could be. We love having access to all the weather-related data (indoor and outdoor) on our home display and phones. As a marina owner, three things are critical for marina weather:

AcuRite Atlas mounted at Lindbo Landing Marina

1. Wind speed and direction. This is by far he most valuable information for marina management. We now understand at what wind speed and direction we can expect trouble with our moored boats. After monitoring our weather data with the smart weather station, we know that wind speeds above 20 MPH from the east are an issue. We monitor the wind and access a "wind website" for predictions by the hour. We then use this information to prepare for high winds.

2. Precipitation affects our lake level. We monitor accumulation daily, weekly, and monthly. Combined with the lake level website data, we understand how much the water depth is changing based on how much rain we have received.

3. Web access on My AcuRite allows us to be away and still monitor wind speed and direction. We can be on the golf course and check to see if a problem is developing. With the combination of our wireless weather station plus the AcuRite Access ™ for remote monitoring, and our surveillance cameras, we can keep an eye on our business.  In the offseason, we also benefit from smart home monitoring to track indoor temperatures while in Florida. We love the web feature on My AcuRite.

AcuRite Atlas Weather Station

Our aim in the next few months is to provide access to our weather data on our website. Customers appreciate knowing conditions before they drive across town to go boating. This will be a popular addition. The station currently reports to Weather Underground at KMNEXCEL20. Customers can find the data online, but we're working on embedding this real-time weather data directly into our marina website.

Don Westman
Lindbo Landing Marina

August 29, 2019
August 30, 2019
Hmmm, on weather underground this weather station is not reporting any wind speed... sad
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