Our Favorite Products: February 2018

Our Favorite Products: February 2018
By AcuRite Team
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Our Favorite Products: February 2018

Welcome to Our Favorite Products, a monthly feature about time and weather products we’re loving right now. Multi-sensor stations and indoor water detectors are at the top of our list this February. See why we're using these products in our own homes!

Indoor/Outdoor Multi-Sensor Display with Temperature/Humidity Sensors

Why We Love It: “I recently purchased a three-story house and wanted to start monitoring the humidity and temperature in and around my home to get a feel of what I was working with. My husband and I have seasonal allergies but were suffering worse than usual this winter, so I began to wonder if the dry air in our home was the culprit.

Once I set up a multi-sensor display in my living room and connected a few temperature and humidity sensors, my speculation was confirmed – the humidity levels in our home were quite below the recommended comfort level. Boiling a large pot of water every few days did help to raise the humidity level on our main floor, but didn’t affect the dry air lingering upstairs.

It was finally time to invest in a humidifier for our bedroom. Within a few hours of plugging in a humidifier, we saw the humidity increase to the recommended comfort level…success! We use the display to get the humidity levels just right before heading upstairs at night. Nothing better than a good night’s sleep!”

– Rachel

Room Monitor with Water Detector

Why We Love It: “Like Rachel, I recently purchased a new house and wanted to start monitoring the conditions in my new space. The first thing I set up was a Room Monitor with Water Detector in my basement near the HVAC system. Our HVAC system has a built-in humidifier, and I was worried that it could start leaking and ruin our flooring. I then connected the room monitor to the My AcuRite app using AcuRite Access. From there, I also set up an alert on the app to let me know if/when water was detected in that area. I’m so glad I set up that alert, because my humidifier started leaking not too long after that, and I was able to turn off my humidifier and get it fixed before the leak caused any damage.”

– Teresa

February 12, 2018