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AcuRite Temperature and Humidity Monitor on an outdoor wooden surface

How to Measure Humidity

Posted in: Measuring Weather
April 9, 2021

Humidity affects the way we perceive a given temperature – at the same temperature, higher humidity will generally make us feel warmer, and lower humidity will make us feel cooler.

Foundation for Healthy Kids

How AcuRite Helps a Non-Profit’s Agriculture Program for Middle Schoolers

Posted in: Who Uses AcuRite
August 5, 2019
A non-profit in Maryland runs an agriculture program for students to learn the connection between daily changes in weather conditions and plant health.
Kids with backpacks and adult walking in a line

Back to School with AcuRite

Posted in: Who Uses AcuRite
September 13, 2018

Learn how AcuRite weather products can help you dress your kids appropriately for inside the classroom and running around at recess.

UAMS Police vehicle and police station

UAMS Police Department Use AcuRite Products to Keep Campus Safe

Posted in: Who Uses AcuRite
August 23, 2018

Learn how the Police Department at UAMS uses AcuRiteproductsto help keep the campus and local community safe from potential danger.

AcuRite Access and My AcuRite on multiple mobile devices

My AcuRite: Graphs, Alerts, and Trends, Oh My!

Posted in: Measuring Weather
August 7, 2018

Use My AcuRite features to learn more about your weather data at home while near a computer or on the My AcuRite app when you are away from the house.