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Foundation for Healthy Kids

How AcuRite Helps a Non-Profit’s Agriculture Program for Middle Schoolers

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August 5, 2019
A non-profit in Maryland runs an agriculture program for students to learn the connection between daily changes in weather conditions and plant health.
4 risks associated with UV exposure

4 Risks Associated with UV Exposure

September 8, 2018

Monitor UV at your home to protect your family while playing outdoors or even just doing yard work.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

When to Plant Based on Climate

March 13, 2018

Looking to improve your vegetable garden this year? This post will help you learn more about the zone and climate for your region!

Man viewing laptop screen in front of background image of farm vehicles in a field

Remote Monitoring for Agriculture

December 3, 2017

Agriculture relies on the weather more than any other industry. Knowing real-time variables like rainfall and soil temperature gives you the best chance to act on conditions.