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Northeast Louisiana Chinchilla Rescue

Weather Data Keeps Chinchillas Safe | AcuRite Weather Technology

To ensure living conditions are safe and comfortable, the Northeast Louisiana Chinchilla Rescue uses indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the facility. A weather station outside forecasts potentially dangerous storm conditions.

Welty Environmental Center - connecting people with nature

How Welty Environmental Center Uses AcuRite Atlas™

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August 19, 2019
Learn how an environmental center in Beloit, Wisconsin uses AcuRite to keep campers and visitors safe, while also incorporating meteorology lesson plans into their nature programs.
Storm spotting vehicle and equipment

How AcuRite Atlas Helps A Storm Spotter

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August 13, 2019
Learn how a storm spotter has turned an AcuRite Atlas™ into a mobile weather station for use while storm chasing!