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Posts tagged 'storm'

Storm Readiness

Posted in: Why Weather Matters
By AcuRite Team
April 13, 2018

Be prepared early in the season to help keep your family safe during severe storm development this spring and summer.

Lightning Development: The Positives and Negatives

By AcuRite Team
April 10, 2018

Learn how charge separation develops in a thunderstorm cloud and what leads to the eventual discharge we know as a lightning strike!

How Do Thunderstorms Develop?

By AcuRite Team
March 26, 2018

Thunderstorm season is approaching quickly! Learn the stages of a thunderstorm's life cycle so you can be prepared by identifying warning signs of dangerous thunderstorm development.

How AcuRite Helps Storm Spotters Track Storms

Posted in: Who Uses AcuRite
By AcuRite Team
February 21, 2018

Learn how the Midwest Storm Spotters League uses AcuRite weather stations during their storm chases.