Goodbye Cruel Winter, Hello Sweet Spring!

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Goodbye Cruel Winter, Hello Sweet Spring!

Happy Spring! We welcomed the new season last week and now it's time to get outdoors, and start gardening again.

Planting Zones

There are some very cool online tools you can use to help get started on a garden and planting for your region. The Farmer's Almanac Planting Zones is a great reference guide and we've compiled some information based on When to Plant Based on your Climate, which includes the average first and last frost dates for each zone.

Atlas Sensor mounted in a flower garden

Fill Your Garden with Sensors

While online tools are helpful, getting real-time weather and soil data directly from your garden is the best way to really understand the real-world conditions on the ground. AcuRite has many handy garden sensors and soil probes to help monitor and track your garden's health, in addition to our latest weather station, the AcuRite Atlas. Particularly useful for gardeners would be our 3-in-1 Gardening Meter, which measures three vital elements soil moisture, soil pH, and light intensity.

With the local soil and weather data reporting directly from your garden or backyard, you can actually track how low the temperature dipped below freezing, and for how long. This hyper-local data from AcuRite home weather instruments will help you grow the most beautiful flowers and biggest vegetables in the neighborhood! Learn more on how to use these garden sensors in our Garden Guides for UV Recommendations, Soil Moisture Recommendations, and Soil pH Recommendations.

Start Seeds Indoors

Start Your Seeds Indoors

Most avid gardeners start their seedlings inside, because they want their plants to be well-established before getting them into the ground. Indoor environments allow gardeners to do this with climate control. Heating and cooling with humidifiers and dehumidifiers allows growers to create favorable conditions for seeds, and young plants to flourish. Check out this handy guide for Tips to Improve Seed Germination.

A Great Time for Weather Station Maintenance

Tending to the yard and garden while starting your spring cleaning is also a great time to tidy up the old weather station. Visit our post from last year on tips for Weather Station Maintenance.

March 26, 2019
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