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Mountains rising above the sea

How Barometric Pressure Can Affect Fishing Conditions

Learn how changes in pressure affect how the fish behave and how likely they are to bite!

Sitting around a campfire

AcuRite Tools for Camping

Posted in: Measuring Weather
June 28, 2018

Be prepared for your summer camping adventures with helpful tools from AcuRite.

Beach and body of water with cloudy skies

Be Prepared for Summer Lightning

Posted in: Measuring Weather
June 13, 2018
Keep your family active with outdoor summer fun, but keep them safe from lightning during usual summer thunderstorm activity.
AcuRite 5-in-1 Weather Station with spinning anamometer

How Does an Anemometer Measure Wind Speed?

Posted in: Measuring Weather
May 18, 2018
The first anemometers were developed centuries ago, and have taken a variety of forms. Over time, scientists learned what configurations work best.
Variety of wind vanes

What is a Wind Vane?

Learn about the different types of wind vanes, all of which tell us the direction the wind is coming from.