Gift Guide: Father's Day 2018

Gift Guide: Father's Day 2018

June is almost here, which means Father’s Day is right around the corner. Show dad you care with a Father's Day gift he'll love and use. From the grill master to the outdoor enthusiast, there’s sure to be something from AcuRite that will suit your dad! Here are our top 3 picks:

1. 5-in-1 Weather Environment System with My AcuRite

AcuRite Weather Environment System

Your dad won’t be able to say that he’s happy with anything after receiving this AcuRite Weather Environment System as a Father’s Day gift! This system helps Dad keep tabs on his backyard environment with his phone, tablet, or favorite web browser. He’ll receive email and/or text message alerts through the My AcuRite platform to let him know when conditions require his attention – such as high winds or insufficient rainfall.

2. Digital Meat Thermometer with Wireless Display and Time Left to Cook

Digital Meat Thermometer with Wireless Display and Time Left to Cook

Father’s Day is always an excuse to fire up the grill and spend time outdoors. Our newest meat thermometer takes the guesswork out of serving the perfect steak or chicken breast by providing an instant internal temperature reading of your food and the inside of your oven or grill without opening the door. The patent-pending algorithms will give Dad a reliable estimate of time left to cook so he can achieve Grill Master status!

3. Portable Lightning Detector

AcuRite Portable Lightning Detector

If your dad’s an outdoorsman, hook him up with this portable lightning detector. Pocket-sized for portability, this handy gadget provides him with warnings for cloud-to-ground, cloud-to-cloud and intra-cloud lightning strikes within a 25-mile range. Whether dad’s out on a lake fishing or playing the back 9, he’ll be alerted to take cover when the alarm goes off and the unit flashes its red LED light.

May 23, 2018
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