Remote Monitoring for Food Service

Remote Monitoring for Food Service

Remote Monitoring for Food Service

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If you’re in the foodservice industry, you know the foundation of any operation—whether it’s a restaurant, coffee shop, bar, or convenience store—is keeping food at proper temperatures. The moment food arrives from your supplier, it’s your responsibility to keep it safe: from food preparation to food storage to food service. After all, your business’s reputation and the customer experience depend on it.

What’s the Proper Temperature?

In its 2013 food code update, the Food and Drug Administration specified refrigerators need be kept at temperatures below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Likewise, freezers should be kept below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. For dry storage, the recommended range is 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit at about 60% relative humidity. 

Commercial kitchen thermometers are usually mandated by health inspectors. But you can’t keep an eye on the temperature of every refrigerator, freezer or food holding area simultaneously. AcuRite offers an easy-to-use, affordable solution for fridge temperature monitoring and food preparation monitoring, called My AcuRite. With AcuRite Access™ for My AcuRite remote monitoring, you can be alerted by phone or email to take action the moment the temperature ticks up in a cooler—even if you’re gone after hours. For example, you can install a Liquid & Soil Temperature Sensor inside an ice cream cabinet for easy viewing of freezer temperature conditions behind the counter, or from your phone. Or, with a similar setup, you can know that the beer cooler is cold when it’s time for happy hour. Then, if temperature conditions exceed your preset range, you will receive an alert right away!


AcuRite liquid soil temperature sensor

AcuRite Helps You Monitor Kitchen Conditions

My AcuRite remote monitoring is perfect for tracking food storage conditions. With an AcuRite Access, your My AcuRite system can be customized to include up to 7 compatible wireless sensors that measure real-time temperature and humidity data which can be viewed on any smartphone or computer. Position temperature sensors inside the warmest part of a cooler or freezer – any place you are concerned about food storage temperature. In addition, AcuRite also offers Water Detectors that can alert you when appliances leak or buildings flood. The investment and peace of mind that come with a My AcuRite monitoring solution outweigh the cost of worrying about a walk-in cooler, and the stock inside it, failing.

Focus on Your Fare

Foodservice managers can access AcuRite temperature sensor data any time by phone or computer, and set programmable alerts to get notified when a temperature is too high (or low). Know your environment so you can do all this and more with the My AcuRite temperature monitoring app for iOS and Android, or on the My AcuRite website.

Track Indoor Comfort

Table for two? My AcuRite sensors are ideal for environmental monitoring inside restaurants, cafes, or wherever customers dine. Temperature and humidity sensors can monitor air quality conditions, ensuring indoor comfort levels are appropriate for your guests.

Robust Weather Tracking

Get high wind alerts so you can secure umbrellas, chairs, and patio furniture before a storm hits. And, tracking historical temperature data inside gives you the insight to manage energy usage during extreme weather and the seasons. AcuRite's 5-in-1 Weather Sensor measures weather information right at your location. That way, you can avoid inclement weather interrupting a big delivery, or decide when it's time to warm the patio with heat lamps. You can add additional indoor or outdoor sensors for a more robust indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring system.

The best restaurants and cafes don’t ignore small details. Know when unexpected, extreme temperatures may keep you from offering the best customer experience so you can stay one step ahead of problems and complaints before they occur.

May 9, 2018
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