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AcuRite Atlas in front of blue sky

What People Are Saying About AcuRite Atlas

You spoke, we listened! Our Beta and Field Testers helped us make the most reliable and accurate weather station possible. Here’s what they had to say about AcuRite Atlas!

Leaves overflowing in a gutter

Fall Cleaning: 4 Tips for Weather Station Maintenance

Posted in: Measuring Weather
August 26, 2021

Fall weather brings the end of summer, with leaves falling directly into your rain bucket! Just like the first day of spring, it’s time to some for some basic, semiannual cleaning around your home. While you’re checking on the status of your home, roof, and cleaning out the gutters, make sure to also check in on your home weather station. A clean weather station is a happy weather station! Ensure the highest accuracy possible for reliable weather data from your home weather station with these tips for weather station maintenance during the fall season:

AcuRite Atlas in front of wooded yard and home

1 Way to Monitor Them All

September 17, 2018

The tool you need to better understand your environment.

Kids with backpacks and adult walking in a line

Back to School with AcuRite

Posted in: Who Uses AcuRite
September 13, 2018

Learn how AcuRite weather products can help you dress your kids appropriately for inside the classroom and running around at recess.

4 risks associated with UV exposure

4 Risks Associated with UV Exposure

September 8, 2018

Monitor UV at your home to protect your family while playing outdoors or even just doing yard work.