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What Is a Glass Tube Thermometer, Anyway?

What Is a Glass Tube Thermometer, Anyway?

As part of our 80th anniversary celebration, we’re continuing to dive into the past and share insight into the beginnings of Chaney Instrument Co. and the AcuRite brand. This month, we’ll briefly revisit how the company got its start 80 years ago and discuss the product that got Chaney on its feet: the glass tube thermometer!

Let’s Celebrate National Weatherperson’s Day!

Let’s Celebrate National Weatherperson’s Day!

February 2, 2023

Every year, February 5 marks National Weatherperson’s Day in the U.S.! National Weatherperson’s Day is a day to recognize these men and women who work around-the-clock to provide the nation with weather, water, and climate forecasts. 

Threats/Impacts: Lightning, Strong Wind, Blowing Dust, Localized Flooding

When Is Monsoon Season? Everything You Should Know

Posted in: Weather 101
March 23, 2022

Learn how the Southwest Monsoon develops every summer and how it can create severe storms with flash flooding and dust storms.

Groundhog Day Explained - Weather forecasting rodent

Everything You Should Know About Groundhog Day

January 27, 2022

So how did this Groundhog Day thing get started?!

Weather map - atmospheric pressure

What is Atmospheric Pressure?

September 2, 2021

What is pressure, how is it measured, and why do I care?