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Threats/Impacts: Lightning, Strong Wind, Blowing Dust, Localized Flooding

When Is Monsoon Season? Everything You Should Know

Posted in: Weather 101
March 23, 2022

Learn how the Southwest Monsoon develops every summer and how it can create severe storms with flash flooding and dust storms.

Groundhog Day Explained - Weather forecasting rodent

Everything You Should Know About Groundhog Day

January 27, 2022

So how did this Groundhog Day thing get started?!

Weather map - atmospheric pressure

What is Atmospheric Pressure?

September 2, 2021

What is pressure, how is it measured, and why do I care?

Tree tops and storm clouds with lightning

How Do Thunderstorms Develop?

Thunderstorm season is approaching quickly! Learn the stages of a thunderstorm's life cycle so you can be prepared by identifying warning signs of dangerous thunderstorm development.

Graphic with arrows depicting the movement of cold fronts and warm air

What is a Cold Front?

Posted in: Weather 101
March 31, 2021

Cold fronts explained: characteristics, movement, and where to expect the clouds.